Year and 1/2

Yesterday was the day–she hit 18 months.  My little chicken is becoming not so little anymore.

well, except she still does that whole baby sucking the thumb thing when she’s tired =)

We’ve been having a quiet, non-eventful week.  Such a foreign thing around here–that I just can’t quite get comfortable with it….even though everything in me is telling me to relish in it.  I’ve also notice that my productive motivation is zapped when I have all the time in the world to accomplish stuff….so yeah, the dishes have been sitting in my sink longer, my clean laundry left in baskets unfolded, and spills have been left ignored….and when I have only 1 hour left before dinner time, I start running around the house in my ‘tornado’ fashion, and I slap my house back into shape just like that.  Cause this girlfriend’s shinning true colors of motivation come forth in moments of time crunches baby.

In other news, I’m in love with her lashes…in fact I’m a bit envious.

Besides sitting in baskets and being cute, we’ve been mourning the Packer’s loss and enjoying indoor play places to the fullest.


speaking of half birthdays, my nephew’s birthday was epically awesome.

here are some pics of my precious godson’s superhero birthday party:

anna went as princess cupcake (which was basically a bunch of ‘whatever’ from her closet and a batman cape to top off the ensemble)

my sister-in-law rocked it out with a design-your-own cape/ mask station and tons of little super hero party details that delighted all the guests.

the party was held at this “kids town’ type of place–which kept the littles running and entertained the entire time–
Anna pushed a grocery cart around with her like it was her job.

cake and present time…

Happy half and full birthdays my little loves.



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