Twin Love

Once there was this girl who was really cute.

and she had a sister who looked just like her.

they liked to make funny faces—fishy faces to be exact with a splash of the Home Alone scream.

no need to ask these girls to be themselves in front of the camera =)

they knew how to have a good time.

and they had the long purdy eyelashes that would make anyone melt.

oh, and cute toesies too.

one day they decided to go get some fresh air.

soon, the sisters decided it was time to saddle up their wagon and head for their favorite spot.

they saw the land flowing with milk and honey from a near distance–and so they jumped out of the wagon, grabbed hands, and marched on over to the promise land of fun.

and as crazy as it sounds–these two sisters, with white sandals and jean skirts on–played on the playground amongst the snow.  cause that’s how it’s done in Wisconsin.

they loved every sacred second spent at their special place (try saying that 7 times fast!), but their blanketed wagon called to them once more–and so they headed home.

The End.

And the moral of this story is:  Twin siblings have a special bond that transcends all understanding.
I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to capture and celebrate these two sisters in their own unique world and in their own twin language.

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