Tree Hunting Success

Mission:  to find the perfect tree…which for us…means not perfect….cause non-perfection in the Reale world = perfection.

can I just say this place rocks my world in a way that makes my stomach fill with butterflies of joy, and my heart sing as if I was a princess from a Disney movie singing to her bird friends.  Love it.

we’re definitely gonna be making this place a tradition—my heart is smitten.

check out our ride:

ummmm…can I just say being there with her was….speechlessly amazing.

my little pink puff ball.

there she is folks.  little, cute and perfect for us.

and daddy showing off his manliness (a tradition he seems to exhibit every year)–don’t worry–Anna was smiling her head off.

taking the beauty home

we had to stop by to say a quick hi to santa and his reindeer.

and that’s all folks–but I’ll be back soon with more Christmas Reale Action…

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