“We are hanging in there” that is what I have been telling myself these past crazy summer filled days….July is by far going to be the craziest month for us–birthday parties, and weddings galore.  Hey, I’m not complaining–I can always go for a party.

And the most recent party I have been planning is baby cuteness’…..cause she is almost number 1–can you believe it?

she has been changing so much lately.

This whole turning number 1 thing has my emotional mommy wheels turning.  It definitely feels like a shift is about to happen– like as if she is moving from babyhood to little girlhood or something like that.  And my throat tightens..and I feel a ping of pain in my heart when I think on it—cause I know things can’t stay the same…and sooner or later I’m going to have to kiss my baby’s babyhood goodbye.  I know I’m being dramatic–but I can’t help it….so much has happened…and I never want to forget it.

this precious baby of mine made me a momma—a gift she will never know fully the weight of until she is made a momma one day.

I’m treasuring these days right now.  Soon she will be unstoppable–toddling her way into world discovery.

But, don’t get me wrong–I’m excited for every milestone she hits–I cheer her on like a wild monkey–I hope to be one of her greatest fans….but I’ll take these quiet peaceful baby days while I’ve still got em.

She is incredible.

Sometimes we don’t know what we needed until it’s been given to us.

Little girl….I’m in awe of your heart and the way you make everyone around you feel….I knew you were going to be an encourager and a burden lifter, even from the time you were in my womb….I can still hear your silent words to my heart, “everything is going to be ok momma.”  Your quiet words would always melt away my doubt, my fear, and my insecurities about becoming a parent.  I feel like you believed in me before I believed in myself.

I hope to raise you to be one who see’s Love when everyone around you see’s only hate…. and to confidently be the woman you were created to be–truly beautiful you.

I SO look forward to celebrating your little life this month my sweet baby girl!!! Cause we are gonna  PAR-TY!!!

Here’s to happy-busy July!

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