The year of the bumble bee

Finally found the time to squeeze this post in–and it had to happen–no matter how late in the game I am.  Cause my baby was a bumble bee for Halloween, and everyone needs a chance to see it.  Impossible not to document.

I was truly satisfied with how the costume hunting went this year for Anna–for some reason, I was feeling bumble bee this year–and the Salvation Army delivered with a $1 adorable costume for her.  Maybe someday I get even more thrifty with a homemade something something.


The Reale Pumpkin Carving tradition has now officially begun–

Daddy was just as giddy as baby cuteness–he gets so stoked about roasted pumpkin seeds (seasoned in his fancy ways)

you just gotta love traditions.  We plan to make many more as a new budding family.  so excited!!   My favorite memories as a child was the simple traditions my parents worked hard to keep year after year.  I hope to create the same experience for my littles in our home.


Anna and I opted to head up to my Mom and Dad’s on Halloween evening (since daddy took off for a week-long work trip), and I needed a nice distraction from being hubby-less.  It was a good time (uh-hem, exhausting time) of chasing after my little bumble bee as she weaved through front yards, flower beds, and she attempted to jay walk more then once.

1st candy experience~

Happy belated candy day everyone–



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