The Fourth

We had a fantastic 4th.

and guess who loves to stand up proudly as an American and take progressive steps forward?

yup–that’s right folks–I think we may have a toddler by the time her 1st birthday rolls around.

Our friends are basically the best.  They truly know how to take a good time and bring it to the next level.

yes, that lovely lady you see riding in the red radio flyer is Sharon….she’s famous around these parts.

We have reached baby season with our friends–it’s as if something is in the water–no joke….two of my beautifully glowing friends:

Jared has the sympathy preggo thing going on =)

sweet little Wyatt was all set with a nice big pair of head phones to keep big noises at bay.

and then we were off to find grass seats in the crowds of people….

We came across a random dude dancing to some tunes–and Ellen decided that Sharon needed to stretch her legs

we plopped a squat and soon beheld the magic in the sky.

Baby cuteness was completely taken by the bright booming lights in the sky.

I kept thinking about how the 4th was the year before–9 months pregnant–rubbing my big belly while the fireworks were hammering off–wondering if Anna was disturbed by the loud booms or not….. and pondering how the next 4th would be with baby in tow–my dreams didn’t disappoint.

Here is a artistic perspective of the fireworks that night (done by my hubs)



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