Strollin’ down Larky Park

I’ve recently been doing some pretty amazing stuff.  Stuff I wanna do.  Stuff that makes every cell in my body smile wide.  I like taking pictures of people–but I LOVE taking pictures of product artwork.  Call it what you want you want to–but it’s all art to me–and it soothes the creative scratch on my back oh so nicely.

Have you ever met someone who naturally affects the atmosphere around them positively without even knowing it?   I can still remember the day when I curiously walked into that old theater room not knowing a soul in there.  Bethany walked up to me with that larger-then-life genuine heart she’s got, and those warm eyes to let me know that I was welcomed there.  I cannot relay how much my soul–my heart needed to feel accepted somewhere–it was looking for a strip of earth to land on.  Bethany let me know that I could relax and be at peace with myself—cause she saw me…and for that I will always be grateful.

And she truly is fabulous–just ask anybody who is anybody.

We soon discovered, through the course of conversation, that we were both going to the same pottery studio (different nights)–and I just knew we were two of the same “kind.”  And so it goes–my life got kinda crazy-crazy soon after meeting this lovely lady (marriage and baby right in a row) and we kinda lost touch.  But I didn’t forget about my fabulous friend–I just watched her glow and grow in her new business enterprise from the sideline…which is called…drum roll please…Larky Park  ( )  She’s rocking it out ladies and gentlemen–you just gotta check out her AMAZING creative talents when it comes to clothing and accessories–I love it all.

All this to say that one day I asked her if I could try out photographing some of her products– she chose to accept my offer of experimentation, and showed up at my front door with some adorable chubby cheeked babies and her pieces of creative fashion in hand.  We had a ball playing dress up with all the babies rolling around on the carpet.  Mine being one of them.

Little fashionista’s, aren’t they?

and the fabulously beautiful Jamie.

I loved it–I had what would equal a runner’s high in the photography world for the rest of the day.
And then I begun to realize that the exciting part of this kind of work to me is the inspiration behind the artist.  Art to me is the expressed creativity of the artist’s heart.  and obviously I love Bethany’s heart and totally jive with her mojo of creativity–so it basically equaled complete bliss for me.  I fully enjoyed bringing images to life, in hopes of expressing her work to the highest degree of awesomeness.

well, needless to say–she loved them….and we just recently did another shoot of more of her truly marvelous work–here is a sneak peek (she hasn’t even seen these yet!).

I know she’s bald–but isn’t she beautiful??

Those flower pin things are like the coolest things ever–there are just so many different uses (from color up your jean jacket, to corsages, to adding a little flower bling on your belt or scarf, to plant it in your hair) as you can probably tell by all the pictures….here is my latest idea when it comes to these flower-power packed little lovelies:

I wanna clip a bunch of them around the mirror to add little punches of color to our white washed bathroom.

Bethany loves my flower-plate wall (I’m starting to feel like this post should be titled something to do with flowers–flower this and flower that)–she is actually gonna feature it in some article coming up (for homemade cheap projects or something)–so I snapped a few pics for her–it’s definitely a conversation starter =)

some of the plates I made in pottery class (I’m sure you can guess which ones) and the others I picked up here and there at thrift stores.

While we are on the topic of home decor’–I’m still deciding what to do with these super-sweet, old white windows I picked up at a garage sale this past summer–they are kinda floating in my living room right now–I’m a thinkin’ I might display pics on them somehow….oh, and the wall behind them must be painted again–I’m thinking more of a rusty orange this time.

as I was saying to my sister over text msg yesterday–it’s all about projects when it comes to be a stay-at-home mom I’m realizing.  You gotta find a smooth mixture of kisses and play with a dab of mommy-must-do-to-stay-sane projects in your days.  A never ending list of projects–that I really don’t want to ever end.  And if it does end–I’ll go shake myself up with some fresh inspiration somehow.


It’s snowing today….which makes me a little sad and a little happy.  It could be one of the last big flake snow falls til next winter–and I love it when the big flakes fall….but at the same time, just last week I bought my first carmel frappuccino of the new year–and sucked it down with my window cracked open in my car–which always means to me, Spring has sprung–oh darn, I’m gonna have to go through that ceremony again.

Holy-Gee-Wow am I ever aching to put these toes into fresh green grass (the carpet is just not cutting it anymore)

so here’s to hoping, dreaming and wishing for a nice, warm stroll in the park…..

happy middle of the week everyone!

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