Stir Crazy

I have been meaning to blog more–cause I want tobut, it still is in the ‘desire to’ phase–I’m hoping to get to the action phase someday soon. I have so many thoughts and creative ideas that run through my mind all day long–just longing to be placed somewhere concrete–like my blog.  Presently, I’m chasing those thoughts, and sadly losing a lot of ideas that have fallen through the cracks of busyness.  But, I’ll get there.  Check lists are a girl’s best friend, right?

I’m actually not very busy–more like stir crazy–and a bit anxious to have some sort of schedule in my daily life. My sister laughs to herself as I tell her what I’m looking to achieve in my life with baby.  She told me she tried a schedule with her boys–and it doesn’t work like you want it to- so she says.  Even with her wise words of advice tucked in the back of my mind–I trudge forward with hope in my heart, that I will soon figure this out. We’ll see who’s laughing in a few months, hmm?

We’ve had some visitors.  My youngest sis and her fiance’ came for a visit.  We stayed up late playing games and watching a movie—it was medicine to my soul.

The next morning, they had the privilege of scooping up smiling, cooing Anna from her crib.  The pure sight of your smiling, well rested baby is the best part of waking up–sorry Folgers.

and of course they wanted to pick out her outfit for the day.  I’m surprised my sis didn’t go pink–she has a major pink obsession.

Daddy spent the morning after they left playing and singing to his little girl.  I wish moments like this could go on forever.

We went outside for some snow-angel making time.  The snow was falling soft and beautiful.

Back inside for coca and some fabulously mundane cleaning.  Tasks on my to-do list seem to take so much longer to get done in the winter.  Like cleaning and organizing the office.  Uffffff.

Sifting through old cards, sentimental letters from my near past, and gifts given in radiant love—my heart was moved all over again.  Cleaning can be so emotionally cleansing sometimes.

mommy’s little helper.

oh, how I miss the good ole’ days sometimes.

slowly, one day at a time—I’m uncovering what life I now have in my hands.  I’m coming out of the fog of transition, into a whole new season–I’m right at the brink…and I can feel it.  I’m ready to love, and I’m ready to see with a new perspective this one precious life I have been given.

but it has taken a lot of stirring and a whole lot of crazy to get to this place.

I’m excited to take a big bite. The sand has been sifted all around me…and the most important things in life are shinning brightly.

I hope to talk to you soon ~ R

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