Springtime odds & ends

Tying up some odds & ends…..

since the time is a tickin’, and this momma is gonna pop anytime now (or so I hope).

The weeks are flying by, and we all seem to be in a race mode until we reach the finish line–which is the arrival of our new baby bean.  I needed to do a major “catch up,” so here we go:


Easter pics from our foggy weekend of sick babiness (Anna was out with a fever for most of it)–so we have yet to have a ‘normal’ Easter Sunday in this family–but, we do our best to rock it out just the same.

Next year I dream of dressing up 2 dolls of Easter cuteness to bring with me to church….I hope this dream comes true.

Anna’s fever broke in the morning, so we jumped in the car and headed up north to the city that holds both sets of Grandparents.
1st play-dough experience in her daddy’s old activity chair from when he was a wee little lad:

she dozed off while on a wagon ride in the fresh spring air…

Enjoying this tulip time of year.

She enjoys smelling flowers and tearing them apart…

we’ve been having some lovely play dates with some great friends.

chasing shadows–a new adventure.

she examines everything–every leaf, every flower, every animal–I love seeing the world through her eyes.

the adorable Ben:

check out the amount of hair that has sprouted recently on her head!  Maybe in a another year, I’ll have the opportunity to try out a pony tail on my bald little beauty.

she loves salty snacks.  especially ones in the shape of a fish.

so, this detail is a doozie—

she has left her crib and nursery for greener pastures in the big girl room

We have attempted the big girl bed, but she is not ready yet–uh ah–not at all..so we’ve set up her pack-n-play in her new room until she decides it is the right time to move on.

oh, and check out her new room~

Anna loves it–

and she also has formed a huge love for coloring…

We had to go say goodbye to daddy at his studio just the other day, since he’ll be gone for a week in Vegas for work–we will miss him.


well, I ‘think’ that does it–I’m mostly caught up.  man, does that feel good.

Happy Weekend everyone!


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