Springtime at the Cottage

Today was a hard one…all this sleeplessness is finally catching up with me, and I’m starting to become a version of myself that is less then fabulous.  I was talking with my sis today on the phone for some mommy sanity,  and we discussed the last month of pregnancy and it’s challenges.  My little toddler hasn’t been making it any easier for me these last couple weeks.  Anna has been waking up in the wee hours of the night with a nasty cough (which usually lasts for an hour), then add on 5 trips to the bathroom because baby bean likes to use my bladder as a punching bag–and you’ve got one Zombified momma.

We have also decided to try to make the big switch to a ‘big’ girl’s room with a ‘big’ girls bed–tonight was our first attempt, and it was an epic fail.  She seems to be scared out of her mind to be left alone in that room..in that bed.  We may have to try to set up the pack-n-play in there to get her used to the idea.  I hope we have better luck tomorrow night.  Big Sigh.

So tonight, to cheer me up a bit–I have decided to look at this past weekend’s pictures of our cottage get-away with friends….

I hope you enjoy~

when we arrived, there was a thick fog that covered the lake in a mysterious loveliness…

it was a fantastic friend weekend.

We are always on the same page when we come up here…less is more–unless it has to do with food.

she’s gonna eat this place up this summer–my heart quickens when I think of all the memories and smiley times we will have making sand castles on the beach or wading in the water like sun beauties.  We could barely keep her out of the icy water while we were there–her eyes widened in excitement at the large expanse of water before her.

we totally got into the spirit of simplicity, and constructed our own ‘canoe-ish” red-neck yacht club.

Din-Din time–Iron Chef in the “wood” style baby~

Ah Em…dinner is served:

Chipotle shrimp tacos and a bacon burger smothered in brie cheese = ultimate yumminess.

And the cherry on top?  The view while we ate:

love it!!!  (I can hear Rae say)

And yes, the twins did read out loud “The Hunger Games,” to us all– which I have to admit, I’ve been curious to discover for myself what all the ‘talk’ is about…. just the other day, I was shopping in the patio furniture section at Target, and lo and behold I came across an adult male reading the book–lounging on a chair (probably waiting for his wife or girlfriend to finish up shopping–this guy came prepared).  This site made me smile to myself, and increased the itch that was already forming on my eye balls to see what all the hype was about.

We only got through a couple chapters–so I’m gonna have to hungry until I get my next fix–oh, and did you know that books always sound better read out loud?  cause they do.

my lovely Griffin friends =)

Anna and Hannah got along swimmingly.

We stayed up late each night talking about whatever and telling stories around a beautiful fire.

I love these girls–they are more then just friends to me, they are family.

I hope we keep coming up to the cottage no matter how much life changes us or if distance becomes a challenge…because this place has become something sacred and holy to us….a place we can all retreat to for a moment or a day of quiet, unplugged therapy.

Happy was the day that our Grandfather found this little piece of heaven.



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