Spring Feet


I actually do not like them very much.  Whenever Tony (or anybody for that matter) brushes me with his toes, it makes my skin crawl.  I think it has something to do with my sister’s toe nails falling off from time to time when we were children–yuck.  And yet, my camera still seems to always find baby cuteness’ little toes…which have been out and about to my delight.

This winter has been too good to be true–with Spring coming to us with highs in the 80’s in the month of March.  When I think of March in Wisconsin, I think of dirty snow on the ground, with a few scattered snow showers still on the way, to remind us that winter is not going to release it’s grip too easily.

It feels like we have been sipping on happy tea and relaxing in the sunshine of God’s grace.

nothing quite like the feel of fresh green grass on your toesies to help you catch a whiff of spring fever.

her world has been opened up to the wonders of popsicles–she’s a fan.

it has been fun to watch her explore this season on her stronger, sturdier legs, as well as a larger mental capacity to take in the colorful world with all her senses….

check out my new flower boxes filled with happy spring colors–I’m not a big fan of fake flowers, but I couldn’t wait until summer to get my color bling on.

I love all the emotions that are aroused awake at spring time…I think bambi’s friends call it “twitterpated.”  This season is such a wonderful happy drug for my soul.

With new life busting out all over the place, I cannot help but rub my own bursting belly and connect to Spring on a whole new level.

My sister Bethany snapped some shots of our little baby bean still in hibernation while we were at a park hanging out with family–I think she’s got some crazy picture-taking skills.


We are heading out today for our family’s cottage with some friends for our annual winter-get-together–We are all looking forward to some much needed r&r.  I’m guessing we missed the winter scene up north because of the high temps, but we will find a way to rock it out without snowshoes or xx skis this year…I promise.

Happy Spring everyone!!!

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