So glad to be here…


Getting up at 6am was NEVER something I dreamed of as being warm and fuzzy……but there is something so magically wonderful about a quiet, still house.  I know one day I’ll miss the sound of my two year old’s pitter-patter of little feet running through the halls of my home and the sweet little baby squeals of my almost 5 month old as she bats at a toy, but for right now, this sound of silence is heavenly.

I really have way too much to share to even try to start (since it has literally been over a month since I’ve visited this space).  This is place is becoming like my dusty journal–touched only on the rarest occasions.  I am trying to work on that–and one day perhaps my life will become more balanced the way I’d like it to be…..less work, more play…. or at least equal amounts.  hmmm…that would be nice.

So, here is a bunch of catch up memories from this summer–pictures and thoughts that I’ve wanted to post for some time.  Oh, and this is only the 1st installment—there will be many more to come…it may take me awhile to get caught up, but it’s all good…this blog is totally on Reale time anyway…..

Bay Beach~
This place is laced with memories from my youth–it was a monumental tradition in our family to always visit on the way up to our treasured cottage each summer.  I’ve gotta tell you….I cannot tell you how awesome it is to watch this one get passed down to the next generation.
Epically awesome.

And as with tradition, after Bay Beach comes a trip up north to the family cottage…which just so happened to be a surprise visit to congratulate my parents on their 40th anniversary.

We ALL showed up for this event–to say they were ‘happy’ to have us all up there together with them would be an understatement.

the family love flowed freely.

We had two different cakes to celebrate the weekend–one Pepsi one for Aunt Mara’s birthday and 1 Wedding cake to be cut by Grandma & Grandpa.

we reminisced about the day they tied the knot all those years ago through fun guessing games, and read words of blessing that came straight from many who had been touched by the joining of their one life together….the tears and laughter were in abundance.

such an awesome place to celebrate such an occasion.

We LOVE Lydia!!!  (I had to yell that)

the kids were drawn like a moth to a flame each time Uncle Bryan reeled one in.

and nothing is better to end a day with then family commotion around a campfire.

happy anniversary ma and pa–I hope to celebrate many more with you both.


next up on the ticker….

the beautiful Green Bay Botanical Gardens with the girls…
(with none other then our wonderful Grandma Kim and Grandpa Steve)

I was madly in love with this day….the weather was picture perfect, and I had both of my girls with me, in this most beautiful place, on one of our very first longer outings since baby sis came on the scene.  I loved it…sigh.

and where was baby sister you may ask during her public debut?

right next to momma’s heart <3

Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa for the wonderful time!! I will never forget it =)

This is the beginning of many catch-up posts from our summer–

I hope to come back here soon….

’cause I’m so glad to be here.

Keeping it real my friends-



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