S into S

Spring into Summer–

that is what I am going to attempt in this post–since I never really finished posting all of Spring…and spring was grand–so I must show and tell.

got in a few beauties right before our tulips were no more.

Anna’s favorite toys…

rewinding just a bit–Anna’s 1st time in the dirt.  I’m pretty sure this was the first warm day of the season–I was so excited–that I took her out before her PJ’s were off.

I have to admit–I love getting her clothes dirty.

We have been busy outside beautifying everything….painting trim, weeding the flower beds, planting flowers and shrubs–and attempting to get this place presentable again.  It’s a daunting task—to the point that sometimes I’ll lay awake at night scheming ideas of how to attack each project in the most cost effective way.  Obsessed much? That I am.

momma’s little helper =)

the trim is basically finished my friends–wowsers–did that take some good ole’ blood, sweat and tears.

and now springing into Summer…..

and there is no place like my favorite place to be in the summertime….the cottage.

So many wonderfully blissful emotions filled my heart when I brought my almost 1 year old up to our family’s cottage over Memorial Day weekend.  This is the place.  The one place were my heart really can call home.  I have been coming up to this land and water since I was born–and my mother before me.

and now it’s her turn.

Aunt Bethany set up a kiddie pool just for Anna near the pretty flowers-

Aunt Bethany–I think you made her day.

The cottage is sacred ground to us.

and one day she will swim across the lake with me, learn to row a row boat for the 1st time in the same boat I learned in, build sand castles in the beautiful white sand, go tromping through the woods looking for treasures and building forts….. but probably mostly spend the majority of her day in the crystal clear Wisconsin lake, being sun-kissed.

Oh, the adventures we will have.

There is honestly no words to describe this place to those who love it.  It’s one of those “you just gotta experience it” kind of explanations….

People who we bring up here with us, leave knowing that they tasted, smelled and breathed in a very special place.  One that still seems sheltered from the world.

I hope it’s as special to her as it is to me.

We had a really good time–we always do.

Tony and I decided to go on a little boat ride escape….we thought we could squeeze one in before the rain came–

we were wrong….but it made for a funny memory.

check out the low-laying clouds over the lake–mysteriously beautiful.

I am looking forward SO CRAZY much to what this summer has in store for us–whether it’s being caught in the rain or lazily laying in the warm grass, we are determined to relish in it…heck, it’s Wisconsin–we have a very limited time to drink in this fabulous season.

So, open your mouth like anna or a baby chick and feast on the blessings of this season–cause God loves to give good things to his kids…amen to that.


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