Simple Pleasures

Went to see this little guy today….

Anna and I dropped in to give the new mommy some company and to hand off the photos we did of little Kayden when he was only a week old.

and he is oh so precious.


Anna looked giant next to him….my little big girl!!  We are already planning an arrange marriage for these two =)

sweet times–thanks so much Amanda and Nic!!


so much to process right now.  I’m not sure why–but birthdays are a big deal to me.  Actually I do know why–“it’s my party and I’ll cry if I wanna” still rings true for this childish adult.  I not only get childish–but, I also get extremely reflective.  Which is another emotional roller coaster for those closest to me to ride on with me.  Or maybe they just watch me ride with puzzled expressions.  I apologize a lot–but I just can’t help it….the selfish monster in me is jumping out of my belly no matter how much I try to contain him.

And talk about ultra sensitive too??–it’s like having a sunburn all over my heart–everything or anything can tip the scales in me.  feeling sorry for my hubs right now?  yeah, I hear you.

Not only is it my birthday coming up–but it’s my 30th birthday.  holy crapola–that’s right–my 30th!!!!!??  It’s kinda sending me over the edge into numbness franticness.  Which one do I feel?  I don’t know.

Let’s think about something else.  Hmmmmm…..Mother’s Day.  Uh-Oh–it doesn’t matter—this isn’t working–it’s my 1st Mother’s day–emotions are running high.  I’m a momma—yikes!  the whole turning of a new decade thing, and the emphasis on being a mother right now is causing me to feel old.  I guess it’s time to stop dragging my feet in the dirt and embrace this new era of life…..let me just quick go grab a few Dove Dark Chocolates and a small glass of wine–and I’ll be fine.

Ahh….that’s a bit better.

Simple pleasures people–that’s how to war against emotional torrential rain fall.

and simple secret messages that have the potential to spark your day.

yeah–not so sure about the sleep in late potential.  stop putting those desires in my head Dove!!

Or I could just look at this face.

look at the new ‘thing’ she has been surprising us with…..

taking off her pants and socks when she gets bored in her crib–she’s wanting summer to start real bad.

another new happening (exciting times around here as you can see), she also enjoys chewing on toy snakes.

and regular food on occasion..

and I will end this post with one of the most beautiful sights I have seen since last spring….

the first tulip to open up on our front lawn:

Keeping to the solid foundation of simple pleasures.

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