Selah Grace

2 weeks ago right about this time….2:47pm…I was almost at the finish line of the birth of our new sweet little girl, Selah Grace.  And just like that, in about 4 pushes she was out, and placed on top of my belly and in my arms for us all to behold and marvel at.  There is so much to say about that day….so much to process out into words and emotions to relish in and revisit…but I’ll save that post for another day…cause today I just want to adore and dream about her…my girl, my beautiful Selah Grace.

Her name.  Selah (pronounced Say-la) is found in the book of Psalms in the Bible and actually has several amazing different meanings–it’s one of those “mysterious” words….but my favorite meaning of her name is both simple yet profound, “Pause and Reflect.”

so our prayer for her is that she may have many, many moments big and small, to pause and reflect on God’s grace….cause His grace knows no bounds.

We have been drinking her in these days….enjoying her many smiles…which started earlier then expected–she was only around one week old when she began responding to my silly talk with a big toothless grin.  I love her.

she has completely different features then her big sister…with dark brown eyes & dark brown hair, she will shine as the unique little beauty that she is.

I’m so looking forward to getting to know her…

I know there are many stories ahead of us to tell, many tears and smiles to experience with you sweet little one.  My heart swells with excited hope at all the simple pleasures in life we will share…like coloring pictures or going on long walks together.

My childhood dream was realized when you were born my little Selah Grace.  I have two girls.  Thankfulness is the word of choice in my mind right now.

My heart smiles big =)




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