Santana’s Story

I love my job.  I usually don’t even think of it as a job…for it has truly become an extension of my heart.  I can’t see to the bottom of all the possibilities photography brings to my senses…. I have an addiction to capturing real time.  Telling stories of real lives–real, beautiful lives.

and here is Santana’s story (in pictures)….well, the begining of it anyway.
nothing makes a heart more full then seeing a couple fully in love, enlarging their tent, to welcome a sweet baby into their arms.
Santana’s mommy made the most dreamy nursery for her–my two favorite features: a happy, hand-painted sun stretching the full length of a wall, and a homemade mobile made of gold, shiny birds and shells–simply amazing.

We will all know where Santana gets her sauciness from =)

cute couple, huh?


The big day.

this mommy get the biggest badge of honor award for the labor she went through to produce this beautiful baby doll!!

Santana Rose…only a few weeks old.

I love this family.  I loved that they allowed me to be a little birdie with a camera on the wall during this whole exciting journey.

I’m so thankful for new life.






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