Rock it if you got it.

Yeah.  Just had to start out my 30th year with a bang.

This preggo shoot just rocked.  I LOVED so many of the pics from this shoot— it was so painful to pick which ones to include in this post (I can still hear Tony’s words of wisdom from over my shoulder–“post only your favorites Rebecca….”)–this couple is just too darn cute…..I can’t help myself.

So, I’ve gotta warn you–lots and lots of pictures people.

I’ll shut up–and get to showing you…

Starting with a little baby bump snuggle time and music from daddy…..


there is a ‘special’ meaning with the lion–trust me.

they got a little cozy….


and outside we went…



White Wall Action…

thank you Jackson & Rachel for hanging out with me and my camera for the afternoon—you guys rock!!!

So happy/excited for you guys!!

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