Random Goodness


Well folks, we have reached the 1 week marker–and we are surely counting down the days…..with a mixture of much anticipated happiness and the knowledge that things will never again be as they are right now.

and right now is good.

Here is a run-down of random goodness events that have populated our life these past weeks:

and to start things off with a bang–little Lydia’s shower–my lovely niece:

It was a simple vintage tea-party-style affair–delicious & elegant.

and here is the lovely Lydia herself:

she was passed around the room the entire afternoon, to the delight of the many arms that were eager to embrace her.

we set up a little ‘do it yourself’ painting activity for our guests–everyone could create a little personalized gift for Lydia in their own words or pictures on onesies and bibs.

We also went with the whole “Easter theme” of the weekend a bit–and put little messages of encouragement and advice to mama Kate and daddy Mark in little plastic eggs for them to open up.

all and all–a super duper time.


Kayden’s 1st birthday bash~

I cannot believe this little guy has hit the 1 year marker already–he loved his first taste of sugar.


Grandma time–

My mom has been coming to care for Anna every Monday–much to her delight and mine…they spend hours reading books, playing with puzzles and just enjoying each others company.

Our little one also took her first “away” trip from us for 4 days to Grandma Hohl’s house–and she did great.  I’m so proud of her and her ever growing independent spirit.

besides all that jazz…

we’ve been hanging out at home….doing whatever….

I think I’ve got a pal to dig with me this summer when I tackle my landscaping projects–her favorite toys still consist of dirt and sticks.  When ever I take her to a fancy playground, she spends the majority of the time picking up sticks and digging with them–no joke.


Our little bean is rolling around in my belly as I type—-she is one strong girl, that is for sure.  I never experienced this ‘type’ of activity while being pregnant with Anna…I think I can finally understand what it means to be ‘uncomfortably pregnant.’

Besides running around the house trying to get last minute projects finished before my time vanishes away into the oblivion of newborn baby haze, I’ve been licking up these last moments just being Anna’s mommy—my one and only baby.

I wonder and pray about how this new sisterhood relationship that will be formed and fashioned in the coming weeks, months….
my heart squeezes with emotion at the thought of all the coming memories and history to be made with these two souls…

but above all else, I hope for love….to be surrounding us…without miscommunication, and without missing a beat…
that our home will know love.

happy weekend friends!



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