Princess Bethany’s Drizzle

Messages in a bottle, pink flowing over table tops, Disney Princesses represented beautifully on round tables to communicate the theme of our little pink party, pink sugar cookie necklaces carefully set at each place-mat with the couples initials etched in gel frosting, an array of the most delicious food stuffs that I have ever eaten at a shower, pink, pink and more pink, and wishes of happily ever afters adorned my baby sis’ shower—cause she is the Princess of this family–and everybody knows it.

The shower was perfectly planned and crafted–and so many willing hands showed up BIG to help to bring it to the glorious state it was in—it was magic, and my heart overflowed knowing that my sister’s eyes were gonna go ga-ga.

ok–so Beth–you don’t have to flick my ear anymore–it’s finally here–your lovely Princess Pics, from your lovely Princess Shower~and you my sister, are truly lovely.




oh yes we made her dress like a princess–crown, wand, robe and all!

There were 8 Disney Princesses represented on each table–here are few pics to give you a feel of how click-my-heels fun it was to decorate for this party:

Now for some excellent foodage…

oh–and the most impressive sheet cake I have ever layed yes on–seriously!!
Beth loved it! and I love the way she is holding her royal scepter in this pic =)

let’s get this party started….

the bomb diggity of all shower gifts!! a Kitchen Aid!!
The game we chose for the shower
(I’m totally not into traditional shower games) was a Princess Trivia game–and the winners of each individual question got to choose from the basket of chocolate bar yumminess.  There was one particular table of ladies who really got into the trivia (even though they didn’t know the answers to the questions), and they made my day.  They started to read the backs of the video sleeves to gain answers—I’m telling you, these ladies know how to have a good time.

oh, and the best part of the trivia game was the actual being ‘wanded’ to answer the question.  Princess Bethany was to ‘call’ on someone by pointing her princess wand at them to answer the question (if their hand was raised).  It was hil-ar-ious!!  Soon my other sister Betsy, took over the ‘wand job’ since Beth was too taken by the opening present task–and let’s just say…. she had fun with it.  I think we were all high on pixie dust or something.

We did have some serious parts… when Bethany told her engagement story….a message in a bottle–that’ s how he asked her–can you get any more romantic??  You did good Justin–real good.

They were walking along the beach hand in hand—fully in love, just enjoying one another.  Beth knew the day was soon approaching–but didn’t have a clue what Justin had up his sleeve.  They were just laying back, enjoying the sun, when Beth spotted something poking out of the sand.  What she uncovered to her delight was a blue glass bottle with a simple note inside with big letters penned, “Will you marry me?”
painting done by Bethany

You should’ve heard all the ohhs and ahhs in that room as Bethany recounted her special day–her very own fairytale.  I then read a short poem and a statement of our love for her–from all the women on both sides of the families.  I somehow made it through miraculously without a tear.

We then encouraged all the ladies to write their own message to Bethany and Justin–a message of hope, a message of blessing, a message of happy love for the young couple.  All the messages would be rolled up and placed in the big message bottle we had just for the occasion.


one day they’ll open up all those secret messages and re-experience the day we celebrated their love all over again.

And to finish off the drizzle?  oh yeah—nothing like an old fashioned coloring contest.  The royal wand decided the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place winners—cause it’s just gotta be official and stuff.

Bethany, my youngest sis—you frizzle my nizzle–I hope you liked your drizzle.

And may you and Justin always…..

All my love, ~R

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