I feel so fortunate to have been able to stay connected to some of the ladies I met in my natural birthing class–Heidi and Nichole: you ROCK!!

There is  something about learning the rigors of childbirth together that can really bond you and give you more of an unspoken admiration for your friend’s baby—it’s like you were there from the beginning–fully anticipating and preparing for the wonderful moment of birth in unison.

We got together the other day for some adult/baby socialization time.  We enjoyed ourselves just as much as our little munchkins did I think.  They, of course, being our entertainment.

Note:  This entire post is chalked full of cute baby faces interacting–just an fyi for those who were hoping for horses or lollipops =)

They literally just sat there for the longest time.  Just looking at one another.

Eventually their personalities began to emerge and sparkle–and oh, did we laugh and watch with great amusement.  For me, it felt like Anna truly understood that these two friends were her peers–and she was all too excited to get her play ON with them.

We couldn’t stop laughing at their adorable interactions with one another—-many times they would stop playing and just stare at us laughing hyenas– probably wondering what our deal was.

Ethan got a lot of attention from the girls—we kept calling him the Pimp daddy. He likes to smooch on the ladies =)
These 5 pics were taken by my friend Heidi last month when we got together—too funny!

Watch out girls!!  He’s a ladies man =)

I’m so excited to watch my baby girl forge her own friendships.  I always wanted to be the Kool-Aid house on the block–I can’t hardly wait for the good times that await us…hmmmmm…my mind is whirling with thoughts of water fights, movie nights, sleepover parties, building blanket forts, hide and seek, and all the countless popsicles and kool-aid refreshing moments.

I’m looking forward to being apart of her world as she grows.
I’m looking forward to watching her become a friend.
I’m looking forward to hearing her talk of all the imaginary places she and her friends go to.
I’m looking forward to hearing her giggle with her besties.

Check out a short clip from the day–I’m not gonna lie–it’s pretty darn funny.

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