Painting Vegas Red

It has been too long–and I missed you just as much as you missed me (I hope!)

But you hopefully won’t be disappointed–cause this post is gonna be a doozie.

Sean and Steph–oh where to begin??
I know–at the beginning…I remember the way he talked about you Steph–you were his dream girl–the girl he wished and hoped with all his heart he would one day get to call his very own.  You were just outside his reach….but I knew from the twinkle in his eye–it would only be a matter of time.

You two are too cute for words–and you know it.  You see the cracks and slivers of unimportance in a relationship and magnify the importance right back into them.  You treasure all the little things that make life colorful and silly–and you do all this effortlessly.  I love watching you guys look at each other..because you really see each other.  Thank you for letting Tony and I be apart of your fairytale love story…cause I’m telling you–your story rocked it!  And it’s because you made it your very own.

These two sneaky lovebirds had a premeditated secret Vegas wedding planned for months and months in advance–and they were masters at keeping it under wraps (except they had to spill the beans to the Reale’s–since we were their pa-pa-paparazzi for the day).  Both sides of the family knew they were gonna tie the knot one of these days–little did they know that Sean & Steph were that good at laying in the weeds.  It was a fabulous wedding adventure they took us on–and we will always be grateful that they chose us to take along for the ride.

To Vegas we go–well–actually 1st stop–dress fitting in Appleton (Steph, I couldn’t resist!)





Steph–your dress fit you like a glove–thank you for letting me have a sneak peek before the big show…..

Now onward to Vegas my friends…..

so we never did make it to the offical ‘Vegas Sign’–so this gift shop copy had to do.
this place is crazy–can I just say that?  it’s like Disney World on steroids.


Getting ready…

1st Look:

“and we’re go-ing to the chapel and we’re, gonna get married” come on, sing along with me!!

Elvis awaits to walk the beautiful bride down the isle….

he was actually amazing–total perfect knock-off of the true Elvis

Sean has eyes for Steph alone =)

Steph worked her gorgeous self in front of my lens:

Soon after the ceremony they got on the phone to surprise loved ones with their happy news.

after all the congrats—we let loose onto the streets of Vegas to see if we could find some trouble =)

good friends who were there to celebrate with the happy couple.

Casino time baby.

Sinking down on the Monorail for a well deserved rest….

Goodnight Vegas.  Well, I guess you never sleep.

Sean & Steph:  Tony and I had a wonderful time sucking up your memories with our cameras–I hope you can tell.

My foot popped twice–did ya see that?

As I’m closing out this super-duper-uber long post, (It was so hard to pick which pics to include–you guys had so many goodies) the Academy of Country Music awards in Vegas just so happens to be on my TV as we speak–so as I glance up at that bight, big city on my screen, I can’t help but smile to myself knowing all the memories we made together amongst those gigantic buildings and crazy streets– that will last a lifetime (especially the ones we promised we would laugh at a later date, remember??).

oh, and what about baby cuteness??  Grandma kept her loved up and well cared for–but I must say it was quite the adventure for this momma’s heart to be gone overnight for the 1st time from her baby love.  But, as they say–absence makes the heart grow fonder….and that first hug…no words could describe.

May you always love like crazy chickens!!

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