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Party like a 2 year old

I’m so excited to post these photos, I know it is only 6 months late, but I do what I can.

It was a crazy day, a hectic day, but a good day.


check out Anna’s crazy awesome cake—thanks Kate, you truly are a master-cake maker.



This three tired cake truly was a dream come true…like if I could’ve dreamt up a cake, I couldn’t have come up with this amount of awesomeness….and the delight it brought to my little girl was golden.

We went with an outdoor party again this year, (summer birthday’s rock!) and had the party destination be at Bay Beach Amusement Park.  Because it’s awesome.  My wonderful parents went 4 and a half hours early to secure picnic tables for us, since we knew that by the time we arrived on the scene, the place would be a zoo.  Mom and dad, I owe you big.

We made jolly rancher suckers for our guests, with tickets attached to go have some fun on ‘us.’


I had Tony and Anna go get balloons in the morning so that I could have some uninterrupted crazy-chicken-running-around-the-house prep time.  Well, daddy delivered on the balloons….and I should’ve known that sending him to a party store with his little princess on her party day, would of course, bring back all sorts of crazy.  He couldn’t resist the life-sized walking Elmo balloon.  I have to admit though, it was a huge hit with all the children and made a good way for friends and family to find the Reale camp.


I had to try this:


kinda cute, right?

this picture makes me laugh lots!! Love you Shan and thank you for bringing the melon!! IMG_5167

soon friends and family came pouring in, and we got it on like donkey kong.


we did cake and presents first so that we could bust this popsicle stand and go on rides.





This strippy fellow got a lot of hugs from the birthday girl.


and more hugs.


this party landed on a gorgeous day…..we were so blessed.


taking off to find some fun.


Anna was on her last leg (she had no nap that day and way too much stimulation), but she managed to dig deep to find some smiles.


all birthday-ed out.


Thanks again to all those who came out to show their love for our little girl, and for all those who gave of their time and talents to make this day happen and shine.  Much love from us to you–for reals.

And happy 2nd year my little baby love.

all my heart,

your mommy.