Oh Wow

Oh wow, holy wow–sweet goodness–has a lot been going on around our neck of the woods.  And I finally have my laptop back to yell it from the rooftops!! (Tony took it with him to NAB in Vegas–so not cool, but understandable)

We welcomed back daddy from Vegas in Reale celebratory style….

We’ve been hitting milestones all over the place as of late…

First off—
Baby cuteness is all over the place:

apparently my baby reads the newspaper…

If your wondering if she has mastered the crawl yet–the answer is…..

Heck YES!

She’s all over the crawl–she owns the crawl.

is she pulling herself up to a standing position you ask?  piece of cake.

Look at what I walked in to find a few weeks ago….

oh, the adventures we now have….keeping baby alive by constant baby proofing has kept this mommy pretty busy.

And lastly–baby cuteness has sprouted 2 pearly whites!

also, just for sugar and giggles–here are some pics of anna in mommy’s old baby clothes–the little red number I can recall seeing photos of me at 1 year.


the ‘little house on the prairie’ dress (Tony calls it) must have tasted mighty fine.

and we will end this fashion show with baby toes–cause they’re cute.


so lately I have been doing some major outdoor remodeling–I’m going crazy with paint.

and because baby cuteness is all mobile now–she is not living up to the fairytale fantasy I had dreamed of.  In my mind, I had fantasized myself working my arse off painting our outdoor trim in the Springtime with baby cuteness sitting all sweet and still on her baby blanket, rattle in hand–cooing with smiles and giggles.

Yeah, I was in major la la land—cause that is not reality–anna went and popped that bubble in no time.

she is bound and determined to explore all the outlying galaxies that exist outside her comfy blanket.

she has found leaf to be a tasty snack.

I go through the repetitive motion of setting her back on the blanket (safety zone)–and she is amused by the baby doll for a mere moment, only to go back to the sticks and leaves–toys not made of plastic.

I’ve been slowly chipping away at the huge project of paint I have before me–slowly–as in the constant running after/keeping a close eye on what goes in the mouth of baby and the crazy-snowy-totally-unfair spring weather we’ve been having.

I took this pic in a moment of excited oh-my-gosh, come-on, come-on hope in my heart–as these first brave shoots of green poked through the hard Wisconsin ground.

and in a matter of days…..dot.dot.dot…..sad panda. (totally stole that phrase from my friend Summer)

But have no fear my friends—baby cuteness is cute–and the sun will come out tomorrow–cause it’s only a day away.

I’ve gotta go find me an Easter dress for this baby girl–pics soon to come of our Easter fun–

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