My big fat catch up post

I know I just had a baby, but seriously….the fact that I have not visited this space for so long has no excuse, and also has a major build up of photos of our life’s crazy happenings….

I don’t know what to title this post…so I’ll just get started and see where this post takes me and you.  I hadn’t been wanting to stay away so long….I think of this little space often…and the thought is actually quite torturing, because I miss this.  My brain and heart feel like they are going to explode from the lack of expression artistically on a personal level.  I have been really busy artistically in a photographically way, I just haven’t been able to carve out the time to put it all together right here from the recess of our personal life–our world revealed.  Oh, and there is so much I want to share and show.  And little did I know that this place of reflection was such therapy for me.

the pictures from our day-to day life since Selah was born have been sitting on the hard drive of this computer, crying out to me to be seen, to be reflected on….and I can’t handle it anymore….  nothing is stopping this mamma–so baby is in daddy’s arms tonight.

Without further a’do, here we go…

she’s kinda cute, right??

i love her.

her daddy does too.

she has woven herself a place in our home and in our hearts.

Anna is smitten.

sisters.  sigh.

It seems that every time Anna has a little love on Selah session, my camera is usually packed away in some closet, which I crazily try to dig out before the moment is gone…which it usually is….but this one I caught, and another today (which you shall see in a post soon to come…).  Beholding these two precious babes love each other fills this mommy’s heart like a Thanksgiving dinner.

we are doing well.  just in case you were wondering =)

look at what big sister is learning from her momma…kinda weird but cute at the same time.

we’ve been having some hot fun in the summertime with some good friends…..

steph~ I couldn’t resist posting this photo =)

so fun to see Anna playing with the big girls.

beach time baby.

our crazy attempt at a kid picture towards the end of our day….

thanks Aunt Kate for the super cute suit!!

well, that just about does it friends…that is, for now.  I still have pics for another 4 posts to go–this is just a start in the right direction.  and it feels good to share.

Tonight is the last night my first born is numero uno.  Tomorrow she awakes as a two year old.  No, I cannot believe it.  But I do know that she is changing so much… and I have come to realize that this turning number two thing also means embracing all the new faces and skills of our Anna Lynn.  Today she decided she could climb out of her pack-and-play, today she sat on the potty chair, and today she locked herself in her room (daddy had to leave work and fly home to come to her rescue–since momma didn’t know the trick to unlock the nob from the outside).  I guess she decided to go out with a bang when it comes to kissing number 1 away.

Two years ago, I was lying in that hospital bed not knowing what my new little girl was going to look like, if she was going to have blue eyes or brown, two years ago this moment, I had a heart full of dreams of what life with a new baby would be like, feel like….I was scared, unsure, and yet at peace–how does that happen?  She was and is everything and more then anything I could have ever dreamed up.  I had no idea how much I was gonna to love being her mommy.  No idea.

and just like I had no idea what I was getting myself into when you emerged bright eyed, and were handed crying and slippery into my shaking arms, you have no idea, little girl, how much you slay your daddy and I with one look of your big blue eyes.  We are completely head-over-heels in love with your entire being–you are a masterpiece to behold, and we are blessed to be the ones to call you ours.

You are full of words, you have your daddy’s focus and determination, your heart is so tender and gentle to all, your smile lights up every room you enter, you captivate your audiences with your fun-loving, care-free, giggling heart, you have a hop, skip, happy run, you love curling up into the arms of your daddy to read books (and I love to watch you two love each other), you have a natural giving, nurturing way about yourself (which makes animals and all ages feel safe around you) and more then anything, you are loved by so many–which seems to fuel your soul to love even bigger.

I’m so excited to watch you take on this next year of life my little boo.  Cause I know you’re gonna rock it out.

good night friends.

I’m gonna sleep like a baby.





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