Mother’s Day Redo

The ‘first’ of anything can be a little rocky.  Or so I’m finding out.  You’re still working out the kinks…like the first time you give birth, your first kiss, the first time you change a diaper, or the first time you swing a bat at a ball….and the first time “you” celebrate Mother’s Day.

We didn’t actually ‘redo’ Mother’s Day—we just had to start over and push the ‘reset’ button a couple of times–that’s all.

Long story short–we kinda had a mix up on family schedules…so we made last minute adjustments just so we could hug and spend a little time with each of the moms in our lives.

and each grandmother ate this cheeky one up.

I forgot my camera in the craziness of the day–so thank you Bethany for snapping these 2 pics for us!

I am so incredibly thankful for my mother.  she is my hero–and I’m not even saying that because it sounds all romantic and shinny–it’s because she really is a hero–she is constantly rescuing me. Whether it’s mending my torn pants, scrubbing my kitchen sink until it shines white, babysitting my baby girl at a moments notice, or letting me cry in her arms–my mom can always save my day.  I could celebrate her everyday.

And now…being a momma myself…it kinda makes you think….

what sort of impression am I making on this little one…

actually more then an impression, a legacy.  I hope to past at least a sliver of my momma’s amazingness on to her.

big shoes to fill baby.

I’ve been craving slow days….I’ve been needing slow days.  And as much as I want to accomplish and destroy that to-do list, my inner heart strings are tying me up and pulling me back down to earth…to bird watch.

tomorrow is the eve of the big “30”.  Hmmm…one last day in the 20’s…what should I do with this precious last day??  before I kiss the 20’s away forever…..

nothing’s coming to mind…but I’m sure we’ll think of something.

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