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my new favorite drink while preggo:  chilled grape juice in a stemless wine glass–it makes me happy.

I’ve been meaning to write about some thoughts floating through my mind these days, with my second baby girl on the way, I just don’t want to forget what this feels like.  I feel like this pregnancy is flying by without me even getting a chance to ponder what is happening- and what will happen.  I think sometimes I push it away on purpose–not wanting to come to grips on all the change and transition that will soon be mine to discover.  I’m dealing with the same uncertainties a lot of moms of 1 child feel with the coming of number 2.  How can I love another child like I love Anna?  How will I have time for both?  How can I ensure they will equally be loved and cared for?  How is Anna going to except this new sibling?

and I’ve heard it all from my mommy friends galore—“your heart grows a new found love for your new baby you never would expect,” or, “you figure it out.”  which I know is all sound advice, but I still sometimes cannot wrap my mind around this.  All I know is that this baby girl will bring change to our home–and I’m sure we wouldn’t want it any other way.

I’m so excited for Anna to have her very own little sister.  Growing up, my sister and I were inseparable–best friends, playmates–I couldn’t imagine my world without her….I hope and pray the same for my two little girls–that they will always have each other, so life won’t seem so big and scary through their little eyes together.

Usually the only time I have to think on this huge miraculous “thing” that is about to transpire in our world, is when I’m rocking with Anna at bedtime…she lies in my arms, against my big belly, and I can feel her sister kick…as if she is saying, “I’m here too, don’t forget about me.”  Which stops me in my tracks and I ponder these two little lives I hold- they both lay snuggled into me, only separated by my layer of skin…and my heart has a wonderful moment of mommy bliss.

and I pray for them.  I pray for their sister relationship…I pray for their protection, I pray that they would know Love–deeply and profoundly.

One day I will look back on this time–before the great union of sisterhood first began…and remember all the hope, all the excitement, and all the crazy anticipation that comes with the joining together of siblings for the first time.


Moving on…I think I’ve satisfied my mommy pondering heart for a bit…

this is what we’ve been up to lately:

Early morning tea/coffee dates…

whenever I’m sipping on a cup of hot tea or coffee, baby girl’s gotta follow suite…she finds her own tea cup or small pottery mug, holds it up to her lips and whispers, “hot” and blows on it’s pretend contents…daddy says I’m teaching her bad habits, but I can’t help but beam at her with pride for her love of “pretend” hot beverages.  Besides, daddy won’t drink coffee or tea with mommy–and who likes drinking alone?

Anna loves caring for her little babies…and I love watching her practice being a little momma.

oh, and guess what Anna and I ‘went and done’ one night when Tony was away?  we got ourselves a pet fish, which we properly named, “fishy.”  Anna points at fishy from time to time and makes her own fishy face–which one day I hope to capture on my camera.

meet fishy:

Anna’s love for books has not slowed one bit–she is constantly bringing me book to book–with her cute little grunts and finger pointed out to the pictures–she never wants to read a story just one time either…as soon as you get to the last page–she has already flipped the book back to the beginning, with her grunting pleas of another read through.

I love our long quiet morning reads…she snuggles up to me and we get lost in our own storyland.

we had a fabulous snow storm that allowed for sledding, snowman building and all kinds of winterly-type things that have been non-existent this super mild Wisconsin winter.

Our neighborhood was transformed overnight into a beautiful winterland that made you feel all romantic and cozy inside.

we snuck out for a quick peek at the big falling flakes….

“snow” well, it kinda sounds more like “nooooo”–but she knew what she was talking about.

so besides our little bit of this and our little bit of that, we will soon be making the big switch to a new room with a big girl bed ….which has my heart twisted in all kinds of mommy/preggo emotions.  Not sure how it’s gonna work itself out yet–I just know you will be hearing about it soon–with pics of Anna’s brand new re-done room–I hope she likes it enough to want to stay =)

Happy Tuesday friends!




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