Milestone of sweet potato love

We’ve reached a milestone.

The sweet potato has made history in our household this past week.

It felt so weird and almost unnatural feeding her food for the first time….she’s a grown-up baby now I guess.

She ate her first food like a champ—and she’s already grabbing for the spoon–I think we’re gonna have an independent eater on our hands.



There has been snow falling all over the place–  and anna and I opted to survive the weather indoors, cuddled up in blankets surrounded by toys, while keeping the heart of our home pumping with yummy baked goods.

thank you Heidi for this delicious, easy chocolate muffin recipe!!

A pot and a wooden spoon = best baby toys ever

Coming off one of the busiest seasons of my life not too long ago–I can still remember when I used to pause for a mere few seconds in the midst of the constant chaos– and I would typically look out my office window longingly, with an aching heart for some simple silence–to have a moment just to breathe–to watch the clouds pass by or to watch a single blade of grass move in the wind.  It felt like my soul was begging for me to stop–and I just knew I was missing out on so much.

Little did I know that she was gonna rescue me out of that busy place.

Yup, mommy’s little ray of sunshine.

These days, I spend sprawled out on big quilts on our living room floor—- my daughter is teaching me.
She’s teaching me how to love this new season of life.

Just the other day she melted my heart with a simple touch.

She literally reached out and touched my leg to get my attention.  She wanted my eyes to meet hers–she wanted me to know through those big blue eyes that she loved me.

They are the windows to the soul (or so I have read) and right now, in regards to our sweet little baby, they are one of our only forms of communication.

Never have I’ve experienced so much love unspoken…

Maybe the best things in life should be left unspoken (or so I have heard).

I’m really looking forward to the day when she will say those 3 magic words that will make my mommy heart sing–“I love you“….but until then–her eyes will fill me up just fine.

Happy digging!
all you blizzard stuck friends =)

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