love and happiness grows on trees

Things have been going really well–everyday I’m feeling like I’m inching closer to understanding what it means to be a momma.  The rhythm of life seems to have sound for the first time–and I’m swaying my hips to it’s awesome beat.  Smiles all around.

it’s amazing how three clicks of my camera simultaneously can contain three moments of their love-bond in an instant.

Tony typically doesn’t ask for pictures.  But when it comes to his daughter–he’s calling for the camera.  I think he wants to always remember her like this–so small, in his arms.

They’re really cute.  I think I could watch them love on each other all day long.

It has been cold and snowy these past few days–so candles have been my oasis.  My mom taught me to love the simple pleasure of a candle.  When I light them up–it feels suddenly like I’m not alone in the room–their dancing soft glow brings a warm presence.  On the coldest, grayest of days–they become like family.

our baby cuteness (Tony’s fav nickname for her) is coming up on the 6 month marker in a matter of days.  she thinks she’s old enough to cook now.

We had a super special moment together the other day.  The snow was falling in big clusters outside our window, and we just had to get front row seats to watch the show.  I rigged up a seat for Anna- and I sat next to her with warm tea mug in hand, as my baby girl explored her white world in wonderment.

I think she was like “woha ma! did you see that yellow bus just fly by!?”

We sat. and we sat.  Man-seriously, the best toys in life are the one’s $ cannot buy.  A big Thank you to all you passer-by-ers (red cars, bus’, man across the street with a snow-blower, etc) for making my daughter’s day.

she wanted to touch the snow.  so close- yet a window pane away.

I fully ate her up.  her curiosity, her fear of the unknown face, her hand brushing the cold glass, and the way the light hit her baby eyelashes.

One day she’ll go out into that great big world and explore it with those same big, bright eyes.  She’ll ride that bus, and talk to that old man across the street who takes such good care of his lawn and driveway. It won’t simply be a view from her nest anymore, but a life that she will live and taste- I pray to the fullness. But until then, I’m keeping this chicky and loving her up as much as my heart can contain–and drinking in these quiet moments.



On another note–we took a trip to my old place of work before Anna arrived on the scene–and she was warmly welcomed by all.  I think they understand why I just couldn’t stay.



Oh, and I just have to show you all before I sign off, the new chair and ottoman that I found at a thrift store for $6–yup, total.  I also bought a small container of buttons to feed to my button lovin’ plants. (for only $1.25)

Good find, eh?  Even on cold January days, you can find love and happiness growing on the barren trees–you just have to be looking for it–so my heart says.

Happy hump-day! ~R

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