Leftovers and goodies

Rainy and gray days are keeping the rhythm of my life in check.  I can become so consumed with getting projects done–to the point that I will forgo any other passion of mine until it is complete.  And my all consuming project as of late is painting the trim of our home (I’ve been chipping away at this massive project since April).  And I’m almost to the finish line–one more coat to go in the bigger sections–and I’m throwing in the towel…for maybe a day…then I’ll pick it back up to do something about my falling apart/paint peeling fence.  Which will once again, swoop me up into a project frenzy obsession.  Pictures soon to come of before and after shots–you just gotta see how much better this little stony cottage of a house it starting to look.  So I’m taking a physical break today–my right wrist was starting to get pretty stiff to be honest.  And I’m gonna talk to you instead.

Lets start off with the leftovers from my 30th birthday celebrations—

Hibachi grill goodness baby…

Laura totally caught the flying shrimp in her mouth–as did all of us….it was quite the show.

I love me some Laura.

and I love me some sizzlin’ shrimp…

It was as delish and entertaining as we had hoped for.

with some of the best peeps a girl could ask for.

thank you to all who came out to celebrate with us the big 30- You made my night and gave me big smiles.

oh, but the fun didn’t stop there–we had a little bit of an after party…

We had cake.

that many candles kinda freaks me out.

and we had some drinks of jubilee.

sweet strawberry shortcake


and the goodies.

Baby bottles, coffee cups, and forest friends–her favorites as of late.

and her baby lips are really yummy too….

she’s my purple pumpernickel =)

every time I pick her up in the morning, I feel like she’s grown an inch….no slowling her down these days.

And a few more goodies before I sign out tonight–my most recent finds thirfting around GB:

I ALWAYS have wanted a Life is Good mug–just never wanted to fork out the cash for one–but I’ll take it for $1

do what you like—like what you do

ok–so I admit it….I have a coffee cup addiction.

which one did I choose for this morning’s coffee?

the lucky winner:

I don’t know about you–but sometimes the leftovers taste even better then the fresh stuff.

And the goodies are just good.

Goodnight friends,

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