Just you and me babe.

Tony and I got away.

It almost didn’t happen–with the busyness of life and forgetting to sit down and seriously look at our schedules and the possible places to escape to–it almost eluded us.  But the ‘inner knowing’ that this was a ‘golden moment’ in our young parental lives to seize haunted us, so we sobered up and took advantage.

and boy did we score.

Door County, we love you very much.

when do we really ever get a chance to lay back, without a care in the world, and watch the clouds pass by?  seriously?  no, I’m serious…this really bothers me….

and what does it take to get this chance?  I say you have to leave your world to go visit a whole new world–unknown, untouched, with unbridled freedom.

Freedom and I are old friends.

it was good to see and talk to her again.

We watched the sunset every evening….just cause we could.

There were no baby bedtimes, no cleaning up before collapsing on the couch nighttime rituals….it was just you and me babe.

our new little bean will be here soon to welcome the world and change our family dynamic forever….and we eagerly anticipate that sweet moment, when so much love will suddenly be born and be ours to hold.

Going from 1 to 2 will be a shock to our systems…so we thought the best preparation would be accessing the wonderful allies of space and time.

We stayed at a charming bed and breakfast in the town of Fish Creek…it was everything we could’ve asked for with a cherry on top.

the little details is what I liked the most—the door knobs, the little antiques tucked away just right in every corner.

check out our room—oh yeah

the above right is what my eyes first saw when I awoke each morning.  I felt like a queen.

we rolled out of bed in the morning when we felt like it, and were greeted by this lovely site:

I couldn’t get enough of the blue and white china–it reminded me of the Holland trip I took in college, and it made me think of my mom and of home.

oh, and guess who I witnessed suck down his first cup of coffee with mu-wah?  A bucket list item checked off for sure.

I still don’t know what possessed him to say “yes” to coffee here….hmmm…


We were like two souls caught in the breeze….hehe…that sounds kinda cheesy, so I’m sticking with it.

Going wherever we pleased.

our rock of love.

heavenly sigh.

I’m so thankful for these moments of complete peace and tranquility.  They remind me that I am alive.

But I’m not gonna lie–I had the childish, butterflies-in-the-stomach feelings driving back to GB to see my little baby love….my heart is intertwined with hers, and I missed her lots.

I don’t think we will ever forget this trip.  Which makes me so happy…cause we took the time to be present…and to allow ourselves to really see each other.

We were reminded that if you were to take away the juggling act that we all perform on a daily basis with our crazy lives, you would find that we really just like each other and enjoy the companionship that is uniquely “us”.

Holding onto these pictures in my heart and with all I’ve got.




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