Getting Stronger

Around here we are getting stronger.  All around.

Baby cuteness has been working on her mobility…and mommy’s getting scared….I may have to redecorate sooner then later–my denial must end.

She’s pulling herself up from her bottom now and is trying to figure out this whole crawling thing.  It’s only a matter of time now.

My big girl. Ouch, I’m not ready for that phrase yet–my heart cringed after I typed it.

She’s uber fun and her personality shines forth more and more each new day–and I’m lovin’ it.

She’s learning to make music in her own creative way.  I think we’ve got ourselves a little drummer girl.

Let’s see…what have we’ve been up to?  Lot’s of stuff.


play-dates with other cute friends.

and those are her eyes people–no eye enhancement needed on this little sweetheart.  Oh, and check out the fabulous wall decal on her wall—AMAZING!!

Let’s see…what else…

Daddy’s commercial starring baby cuteness herself!!
she couldn’t keep her hands off his equipment =) which made for an interesting shoot.

Oh, and taking lots of pictures of baby eyelashes.  Cause I’m addicted to eyelashes–her eyelashes.

Spring is in the air–and mommy is flying high.  We have been rocking out her stroller for several walks in one day sometimes–just cause we can.  I wanna roll around in the muddy dead grass and scream freedom—cause this momma bear is coming out of hibernation hungry as ever for fresh air and outdoor adventures.  Grill-outs, walks to the neighborhood park, cottage retreats, camping trips and the like are floating through my mind.

Spring is making us stronger.  It’s a season of renewed hope.  New life is poking through the chilled earth and the days are getting longer.  We are embracing the sun like a long lost friend–arms wide open.  I freakin’ love this season.  I am dependent on it.  Only nature can stir me up like this, and help me find the renewed motivation I have been missing oh so badly.

and the best part about this particular spring is that I get to experience it with her.  and her gift to her me is her eyes–her curiosity–her awe and wonderment of the new world around her waking up to say hi.

This year my friends, I’m gonna wave back.  I’m gonna feel the grass under my feet, I’m gonna take the time to listen to the wind, and I’m gonna bask in that old long lost friend of mine.  Stronger–yes–I’m feeling the sudden urge to run several loops around my block–because the place I’m in is good–really good–cheese curd yummy kinda good–(the kind that squeak in your teeth goodif you know what I’m talking about)

By the way–whoever invented the name for Spring is a genius–cause I’ve got a bouncing, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun fun fun tigger springing out of me at the site of green buds.


In other news–a lot of friends of mine are having babies–which is awesome for 2 reasons: 1) newborn babes are precious (duh)
and 2) I get to photograph them and their beautiful mommies–yippee!!

I was over at my lovely friend Kristin’s today–and I snapped a few shots of her ever growing belly–we are planning a shoot for her in June–I’m so excited to capture her growing bump of love!

Happy St.Patricks everyone!  I hope you rock the green like we shall attempt to =)
I’ve gotta go run circles around my house

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