Fleeting Summer

Summer, Summer please don’t go away….too soon….I feel like I’m missing you already, and you haven’t even left yet.

So much to do–so little happy-sunny-smiley days left for those of us in the Upper Mid-West.

So, I have been trying to make the best out of our fleeting summer days…by doing all kinds of summer-type stuff…

Farmer’s Market

I love it.  Live music, buzzing streets of people, fresh fruit & veggie stands galore and tons of creative artists displaying their work with pride.

Fruit and Veggies are pretty to look at.

button rings done by Jennifer Lane at Brio Designs

Baby Cuteness loved all the commotion.

Pool Time

on the weekends we make it a point to drop all work and high tail it to a friend’s pool for some basic refreshment.

Beach Balls & Soft Green Grass

You can’t have summer without them.
water bottles are anna’s best friend.

and Doing whatever
Anna is an expert climber–she’s unstopable.

and any cord she can get her hands on…she’s all over.

I’ve been busy planning this little one’s 1st birthday party(s) coming up right around the corner.
I saw her trying to put on her fancy black shoes today.  It felt like yesterday she was finding her feet for the 1st time.  It’s bittersweet…this whole growing up thing.

things are starting to really click in her mind…and I love watching her figure stuff out.

fleeting summer, fleeting days that go by so quickly with your kids.



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