Things have been pretty falltastic around here.

anna loves her sweet corn–yumminess to the maximus.

we’ve had a mix of temperatures so far this fall–some amazingly warmer days with some colder ones peppered in.

Fun day with friends at an apple orchard:

It was a great day.  Full of toddling adventure.

Then off we were to Gurnee, IL for some baby shower awesomeness with some of my favorites for the weekend.

These cupcakes are basically the most supreme goodness I’ve ever tasted….

we prayed for the new little life in Rae’s belly bump–and blessed her with all the love in our hearts.

It was perfect.  My only wish is that these gals lived closer so that I could drink in more of their wonderfulness.


other then our crazy, busy October weekends..we are pretty much sucking up the last of these warmer days…and trying to get out as much as possible before we are cabin-locked for the winter.

anna’s ‘guy’

she is really getting into babies right now–she picks them up and says, “Hi, baby” as she pets them gently.  This was her latest attempt to try to put a diaper on one of her babies.

I know this sounds cliche, but she seems to grow so much each new day.  lately, she has been playing monkey see, monkey do–when I vacuum, she vacuums with her vacuum toy with much vigor, and follows me to each room—I love this.

Time for this momma to go to sleep…..this is baby cuteness’ sign for sleepy time:

Nighty, Night.


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