Exciting Times

Exciting times–that is the only phrase I could come up with when I thought about this moment of life.  My sister just had her beautiful baby boy, Josiah Jeffrey (lotta pictures to view of this precious boy below)–he is a complete mixture of his two older brothers–with some added sweetness.

Exciting times……when it seems like almost everyone you know is getting pregnant, having children, or making huge strides in their careers–huge shifts for all those jokers and silly willies I knew in college, who are now grown up and rockin’ it out.


My sister called me over to watch her little guys while she rushed to the hospital to have her best birth yet.  I packed up my baby girl in a flash, and we were off to two wide-eyed excited boys awaiting us with big hugs.

I love these little guys.

I’m glad my sister continues to deliver me more baby boys to love on….

Caleb (her eldest) and I got to spend some one-on-one time with mom and babe at the hospital….
holy-it-doesn’t-get-any-sweeter-then-this–check it:

Caleb wanted Josiah to learn his “smell” and “touch,” taking his big brother role very seriously.

what a gift to hold in your hands.

Caleb took this for us–not bad for a 5 year old, huh?

I love how everything seems to be growing–whether it’s how you imagined it or not, it’s growing.

and what a beautiful flower life (especially new life) is turning out to be.  complex, tender, bright, fragrant, alluring, and unique with the Father’s imagination and sign of approval.

my heart is bursting with happiness for you Bets!  Congratulations on your new little man.

All my love, ~rr




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