Elephants, Quilts and Boots

Baby has been sick.  Mommy has been sick.  Daddy has been sick.  Holy moly does that stink.

We have been under a cloud that has caused day recognition to cease.

But on the brighter side….I got to take the humidifier out of it’s box….and this is not just any humidifier.  This humidifier is the bomb.  When baby Anna gets older, she will probably fake being sick just to have this bad boy in her room:

We pulled out the homemade quilt that Grandpa Hohl made her.  She loved it.

It’s bright colors mesmerized her all day long.

Her other big obsession right now: Tags.

Sweet cheeks.  Can’t get enough of them.

I got my boots out.  I wear them everyday–well, at least the cold ones.  My husband doesn’t understand why I have a closet full of shoes–and yet I typically only wear one pair.  I don’t really have a good answer to that question.  I think most of the shoes in my closet were for that “one outfit or dress” or for “just in case”.  All you gals know what I’m talking about.  I wear my boots so much that I usually wear through them in one winter.  This is this year’s model:
(I can’t decide whether to keep the balls or cut them off)

Today felt comfortable.  I’m gonna wrap my blessings around me like a thick blanket and call it a night.


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