Easter Memories

I just put Anna down for her morning nap–and I can hear peeps from her already….it sounds like she is gonna fight it.  We have been pretty exhausted around here–with the kind of colds that zonk out all your energy.  Zonk–now that’s a fun word.

Everyone knows that having a stuffed up baby is no fun–having the bulb syringe ready at all times–sucking the guts out of her snots.  and of course she fights that snot sucker like it’s her worst enemy.  But, I’m a thinkin’ we are on the up-swing of this cold mess—and soon we will be humidifier and bulb free.

1st Easter with baby cuteness was a great success–somehow we swung it even though I was up with her almost the entire night prior trying to help her sleep—I think the nasal drip kept waking her up.  It was a bear of a night–and I almost didn’t think the sun would ever rise…..but it did.

We got up, we got dressed, we packed our bags–all set and ready for arriving fashionably late to church….when I looked out the garage door to my horror and saw no car.  That’s right–Daddy (who leaves earlier in the morning to get to church cause he is involved in directing the services) took mom and baby’s car.  Right away, I realize he must have thought we were gonna sleep in and chill all morning long because of the crazy, hectic night of sleeplessness we had–and so he opted to take the better and newer car with him to work.  I was at a stand still.  I’m not gonna lie–tears came to my eyes.  I’m sure it was a combination of lack of sleep and emotional ‘1st Easter with baby’ feelings that made me a bit unstable–and I just let myself erupt.  It was only for a moment–but I had my cry and I allowed disappointment and sadness to flood my heart.  As mental images of carrying my bright and beautiful baby, dressed in her happy pink and white poka dot dress, into the front doors of church kept popping in my mind—or seeing daddy’s eyes grow big when he saw his angel of a girl kick and smile wide when she first saw him, and of course he would scoop her up out of my arms, and proudly go show her off to strangers and friends alike.  I wanted those memories soooo badly—and I mourned that they would not be realized this Easter morning.

Deep breathe.

I rubbed the tears from my cheeks, picked up baby girl and marched out the door–this momma was on a mission.  I needed fresh air, I needed to let my heart breathe, I need to sort out my thoughts, and I needed to make some new memories made from surprise circumstances.

So we walked.

and we found our own secret quiet place to thank God for his ultimate sacrifice.

you don’t always have life or Easter mornings the way you imagined in your mind’s eye.  but, you can always have Life, and have it more abundantly.

and so Anna and I worshipped our God under His sky….and thanked Him for the surprising circumstances and unsuspected & undeserved Gifts that are so full of His’ Glory.

and we walked home with joy in our hearts and lungs full of fresh air.

I snapped a few Easter dress pics (since I now had some open time to drool over her cuteness)…

and you think that’s cute?  check it…

the unveiling of the Easter basket….we kinda made her work for it….or at least sorta find it.

anna loved the buddies she found inside.

next, we were off to Grandma’s house–over the river and through the woods….

and anna got the royal treatment with some key lime pie.

the following day was spent in the sunshine and with friends.

Anna first time on the swing…I think she likes it.

look what happened to momma’s bum because of those swinging pics–hehehe

all in all–I’ve got myself some truly beautiful Easter memories stored up.  I’m looking forward to many more to come….

Happy Wednesday!

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