Door County

I finally put down the shovel tonight–it was hard to–but my body beckoned me to a much needed rest.  I’ve been in major ‘go’ mode–to the point that anything that takes me away from the laborious task at hand–really upsets me.  I don’t get like this often–I’d say I’m  usually a more stop and smell the posies type of girlbut when this mode kicks in–I can create some of my best masterpieces…because I get so hyper-focused on the end result–with the motivation of an angry bull. Yeah, scary is putting it lightly.

What am I working on you ask?  I’m bound and determined to make our yard’s landscaping beautiful and put in a stone patio while I’m at it.  I love doing projects I know I should not be doing–because it has a way of making me feel super capable, powerful and strong–She-Ra Princess of Power strong.  I know I get this tendency from my mother–she was always in the midst of some do-it-yourself home project while I was growing up–nothing deterred her from figuring it out herself and finding success in her own handiwork.   Let’s just hope it turns out sorta good. Pictures soon to come…

Now let me get to the point of this post–Door County.  So, here’s the scoop–my good friend Sheana had an ingenious plan to make a quick visit up to Door County with a few of her girlfriends who love photography–just to spend the day taking pictures of the beautiful landscape and to glean tips and advice from one another.  Needless to say–I was all hers for the day before she said hello
So, with chicken-scratched directions to a few vineyards and our babies safely in the arms of their daddy–we were in total road trip mode.
Road Trip!!
(you know you have to yell that phrase when you begin a road trip to be on an official road trip)

several friends were not able to make it for this outing who wanted to come–but have no fear–we are hooked–and are already planning the next visit.

Door County–a land of cherries, farms, vineyards of sweet grapes that produce the famous sweet wine, art/pottery studios on every corner and the cutest little towns with the cutest little shops all carved out on the shores of Lake Michigan.  It was a recharging the batteries kind of day.

cheers to Vino!!

yeah–THIS place is in my backyard.  and it calls to me…..I just wish I could answer every time it calls.

My two favorite objects of the day–a red tractor and an old car

We took a walk in a beautifully artistic forest…

I love me some Door County.  It took me long enough to get here….I was born and raised (mostly) in Wisconsin–and this place was always a mysterious-must-see-one-day-I’ll-get-to-it kind of place.  A total bucket list winner.

Every detail was sublime…. window ledges filled with beauty, free wine for the taking, trestles of vines that spread out to the sky, and adorable little shops filled with ridiculously creative items–I’m officially inspired.

We hit an amazing pizza place for din–and it was both delicious and entertaining

with the best dang cheese curds EVER!!!!

We ended the day with ice cream.  Since that happens to be one of the best ways to end a day.  We walked out on the harbor to take in the view and to say our good byes.

Cheers to this fabulous place~

We’ll see you soon….

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