Doing Good

Yup, we’re doing good.

It’s been too long…I know.

I’ve missed seeing her sweet little face on my computer screen, I’ve missed scrolling through the day-to-day photos of our life, and I’ve missed piecing together my thoughts.  I need this outlet…I want this outlet….I love this outlet.

So, hopefully I can get my “act” together and carve out more time to devote to something I love doing so much.  Like talking to all you fine folks.

So, here is my run-down of some of the random, scattered, patchwork pieces of our life from this past month:

Exhibit A: 
Baby Cuteness has formed a huge addiction of putting shoes on her hands and walking around the house like they are a pair of mittens…. daddy’s shoes are her favorites.  She also loves putting on her little leather purse (which was mine as a child–I think I got that purse on a trip to Mexico in fact) and parading around the house like a fashionista–cause baby girl’s got it going on.

Exhibit B:
We have been busier then all crazy-get-out with landscaping projects–patio done, check!  plants in the ground, check!  painting the house’s trim, check!  fence painted, almost check…..

thanks Grandma for saving the day with your practical-do-it-yourself abilities!!!  I love you tremendously.

Exhibit C:

Taking a much needed beach day break–one of my favorite days of the summer.  I never knew this beach existed so close to home–I have a feeling it will be frequented by the Reale’s A LOT next summer.

The adorable Malia–one of Anna’s favorite little friends.

Anna attacked the water with such curiousity and wonder….well, until she took a face plant at a drop off.

A beach full of new mommy’s–such a sweet moment.

Exhibit D:
Garage Sale Week

Yes, we finally did it.  We pulled out all the junk that has been weighing us and our house down–and put on a little sale.  It felt sooooooo good to get rid of “stuff.”  I was amazed and kinda surprised by the kindness of the garage sale shoppers of Green Bay–this sale gave me a  new found hope in the goodness of neighbors again.  That’s the kind of feeling that makes my heart sing….people just being nice to people.

baby cuteness drew our customers in with her new little waddle.

We got away for a quick little Bay Beach trip to ride the Ponies.  Anna’s reaction was the very opposite of what I was picturing in my mind’s eye….






Kinda funny, right??













Exhibit E:

and the Encore’ my friends:

The last “warmer” trip to our favorite spot–the cottage.

this was a GOOD trip.  mommy was in her happy place the 1st night.  I had my mug of tea in hand, watching the sunset in front of a raging campfire, with my 2 favorites cuddled up together across the way.

daddy had some froggy fun with anna.

see the froggy?


wow, that was a lot.  thanks for making it through the recap of our life–

I almost wasn’t going to attempt to try to retrace our steps.  But, I couldn’t resist the need to fill in the holes–so much has happened, so much is changing for us right now, and will continue to change.

Change.  And here we are….. entering the season of change:  Autumn.  I love this season.  I’ve got the stocking hats out and the warm moccasins boats ready.  The Reale’s are embracing change baby.

See you next time here with a slew of Fallish pics for your viewing pleasure!







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