Cottage Weekend Warriors

I used to love to watch the weekend warrior shows on TV (when we had cable)–I can get such an adrenaline rush from accomplishment.  Especially accomplishment done in a short period of time. It’s like a drug to me.   Just ask my family–when I was single, I was on call for all weekend warrior projects–weekends full of fun memories and creative ideas.  With my little girl (I just typed little girl...not baby–wow) in tow now, trying to tackle a project has become at times an impossible task….so, when my folks ask if we could all pitch in for a cottage work weekend, I excitedly looked forward to hours of hard work with all the extra eyes around to help watch my baby cuteness.

But, before heading up, we made a quick stop at Tony’s sister, Heather’s pad, to hold and behold her new baby love, Lucas.

so happy to have a new little nephew to love.


time to roll up pant legs and get to work.’s true, I had to put the hammer down to take her in, as she took in the Fall landscape that surrounded her.

it was one of those–wow I love this season Fall days.

the boys got their ‘macho man’ on with a dead tree–they attacked it like it was evil itself invading their territory.


Dead tree = lots of fire wood for next summer

check out my brother’s uber cute kiddos:

lots of cousin love.

the evening was peacefully perfect.

I love it when my hubs makes his passionate speeches.

and of course, we had some old fashioned fun of jumping in the leaves…Anna thought this game was the best invention ever.

breathe it in babycakes.

and a nice stroll down a Wisconsin beach.

ohh–and my godson, Peter…he’s my little ham =)

with a great finale’ to the day:

this post got kinda long–the pictures just wouldn’t stop coming….

with a nice feeling of accomplishment, I’m signing out…






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