Christmas this and that

My baby’s in bed after a long day of  whimpering and cuddling on the couch….I’m hopeful she will be back to her chipper self by Christmas.  To cheer my spirits after a day like today, I’m curled up with the huz with a big snowflake mug of peppermint tea in hand, and my laptop warmly perched on my lap, sifting through photos of recent happy times (while Tony gets his sci-fi fix with a Trek or Cowboys and Aliens show)

A few happy times I felt the need to share with you.

Here’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that going on in our neck of the woods.

A family wedding and Christmas get together~

daddy and daughter walking through the snowy winterland of the north woods on the way to the wedding.  The place the wedding took place was extra special to Tony–it was at the summer camp he grew up going to every summer…..I love seeing the look he has on his face when he steps foot here.

Cousin fun in the church pew…

congrats Ariel and Geoff!!!

Christmas gift exchange up at our family’s cottage~

in all honesty, all I really remember from this day (since I was up most of the night prior with a fussy baby girl) was that Anna was dressed as a little Mrs. Claus and that the Packers Won…yeah, that’s it–the rest is all fog.


~Every year, my mom invites me to her church’s Christmas Ladies Brunch…it never disappoints….

good job mom with your decorating skills!!

another random Christmas favorite from me to you–

Getting Christmas cards in the mail….it’s just the best.

check out our wall boards just waiting to be filled up by all our friends and families smiling faces:


Christmas Traditions continue….

– our family Advent Calendar is in full swing (made with love by my mom)

– snuggling on the couch watching the Christmas classics whenever we need a break from the craziness…

– and baking like Mrs.Claus herself.

and who ate all this goodness you ask?

our White Christmas Movie Night guests were excellent cookie monsters.

decorate your own baby!

we had a house full of little smiles and loud laughs….next year I’ll try to remember to tell everyone they can come in their jammies–since everyone was kinda jealous of my comfort wear.

and to end this post with a big SHA-BANG–here is our 1st experience with Green Bay’s Festivial of Lights at the Botanical Gardens.

It was magical.

I’ve never been to the GB botanical gardens before–and they’ve sure got this “celebrating winter” thing down pat:  horse drawn wagon rides, hot cocoa and snacks to greet you when you make your way back inside, as well as a singing choir, bell choir, and a seriously awesome toy train exhibit.  We’ll so be back. (good idea Aunt Heather!!)

I hope everyone has a magical Christmas, full of stress-free moments and simple pleasures…and I also hope you all are much further along then myself when it comes to Christmas present prep—cause I’ve been majorly slacking.

Better get back to it—Merry Christmas!






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