Christmas Snow

We had magic Christmas snow this year.

Tony says that whenever you have a fresh snow fall on green grass right before Christmas, it’s a magic Christmas snow.

God must love us something fierce in Green Bay to give us such a gift.

Christmas Morn…

yeah, that is a Spock doll that daddy got for his little girl–he is already trying to infiltrate her mind with Star Trek.

Last year was so sweet, being the first Christmas with our baby doll and all–but this year….Christmas morn will go down in the history books.  Experiencing the “other side” of the magic was truly something to be giddy about.  Having a hands on, curious little monkey to watch and adore as she babbled on and on about her new little trinkets… and I will never forget her daddy’s smile.

We then packed up our baby and gifts, and headed north to the awaiting Grandparent homes.

Anna’s impromptu Christmas concert she put on for us:

we had a fabulous day–fully blessed to the max.  and to top off all the goodness?

The Pack kicked the Bears butt.  a perfect way to end a perfect day.

the snow left as quickly as it came…the heavens opened for us just at the right time….so that all of us ‘White Christmas Saps’ could rejoice together.  so awesome.

I’m still feelin’ a bit of the Christmas buzz that comes from being over-sugared, well-fed and loved thoroughly.   Slowly, my heart is shifting over to the reflective, goal-setting, refocusing place that a new year always brings me….I relish it’s cleansing, hope-filling power.

Looking forward,




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