Christmas After

Oh boy.  Talk about your dramatic twist of emotions?  That is where I have been.

this is what Anna thought about about the Christmas Eve bulletin =)  she thought it was tasty.

Christmas Eve….it all started.  The week before Christmas felt so long and Christmas Eve was eternal.   This crumbled up Christmas bulletin best describes the internal happenings of my heart.  I missed my family…I missed my friends…I missed my husband.  I had it in my mind that I was going to be busier then busy all the way up to Christmas–well, I was wrong.  With all the presents wrapped, house clean, i’s dotted and t’s crossed–I was all set to love and be loved Christmas style, and as much as I love my baby girl, I needed adult conversation–someone to feel the excitement in the air with me.  So instead, the phone became my best friend.  I can’t deny it–I thrive off people like a parasite.
So, if you know and live near me next year and find yourself in the same place–call me!!  We will create some new Christmas traditions if need be.

Enough of my boo hoo’s…here are the fun times that were waiting right around the river bend:
All dressed up for the Christmas Eve service.

Lovely in velvet.

Christmas morning started off with overflowing surprises.  I walked into the living room to find large gifts strewed all around the tree….gifts that were not there when we went to bed.  I paused and freaked out for a moment–is santa really real??!!  Oh my goodness, oh my goodness–I LOVE surprises!!

My huz went above and beyond amazing this year.  This blessed man woke up while I was still sleeping, tip-toed out to his car in the cold night, and brought in tons of presents for me to wake up to on Christmas morn.  Best Christmas morning ever.

It was too wonderful.  We sat there under the tree, “just the two of us” and drank in the quiet morning….probably the last Christmas morning we will have in this manner for quite some time.

ahhhhhhhhhh…cue the big sigh….

and moving on…

1st stop of the day:  Christmas brunch with both sets of grandpa’s and grandma’s (Anna was royally spoiled of course)

We were blessed to be with both sets of grandma and grandpa’s all day longI’m so glad that our families love being together and also just so happen to live in the same city.

Check out this present my husband Tony was attempting to unwrap–I think there was something like 7 layers of wrapping on this present.  Grandpa has a great sense of humor.

Oh, and my delicious loose leaf tea present—I really likey.

and here is Anna’s new organic bear–too cool.

We passed the love and the baby around all day long.

and Christmas just kept going….a few days later, family showed up for more stuffing of food and fun.  Homemade pizza always hits the spot.

my nephew Jonathan and all his’ cuteness:

and no Christmas party would be sufficient without getting the cousins in front of the tree for awkward picture taking. Please note daddy’s arm propping Anna up and the hilarious interactions of these two…they look they are discovering each other for the 1st time.


Now let us take a moment to remember the true reason for the season:  (my mom knows how to put santa in his place)

even my mom’s nutcracker states the Christmas message loud and clear…

This holiday brings out the best and worst in people….and I had moments in each sphere this year…but I’d have to say the ‘best’ took the cake this year in me.

Well, merry-after Christmas everyone!


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