Chicken on a String

What could be more simple?  What could be inexpensive?  What could be more silly?

A chicken on string is just that.

It’s her favorite.  It’s what captivates her attention longer then any other toy.  It’s so small.  It has little detail.  It really can’t do anything exciting like light up or make noises.  But it has her eyes and somehow keeps her curious.  I don’t get it.
or…maybe I do…like mother like daughter they say.

it is literally attached to that Discovery Farm book–

She has tons of big noise-making, light-up, fancy-look-at-me toys, but all she really wants to play with is her tiny chicken on a string.

do you see the giraffe stew we were cooking up this morning for breakfast?  yummy.

I think I watched her for 30 mins straight poke, mouth, and study this baby chick….dude…it’s gotta contain something more then just stuffing by the way she loves on it.

I’m pretty sure it has some sort of mystical powers that have cast it’s spell on my little love–cause she is in awe of it’s supreme chicken abilities.

There’s a lesson in this…I can feel it coming on…you knew I just couldn’t resist–Yup–it’s a whopper of a lesson.

Simple entertainment–it’s usually much less expensive and is almost always my preferred method of fun.
The tiny things in life truly can be the most magaical–like a snowflake in all it’s complexities or a newborn’s hand grasping your finger.
Silly, unimportant things to this world, can- and usually will, translate to great gain for you.
The loudest and most colorful people, places or things is not always where you will find true contentment.

Just ask baby Anna.  Her eyes are pure and untainted by judgements and knowledge.
Oh, to have the eyes to see the world once again through the eyes of a child.  Where chickens on strings reign supreme.

In other news……

She also is really down with this whole standing thing-

or maybe she just really likes to look at the stool cover.

whether the case–she’s loving her stronger muscles.

oh, and did you catch the backwards purple sleeper she’s wearing?  daddy’s got nothing to do with that =)
but it caused her to have a cute heart and kitty on her buttocks–which is kinda cute if you’d ask me.

Gotta run–
places to go, people to see, chickens on strings to play with-
(I know my family is asking themselves right now, “what is with Becky and all her chicken talk?!”)

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