I’ve had this post half finished for about a week—yeah, it has been that kind of week.  I’m surrounded by half finished projects–which is probably one of the worst forms of internal tortures I could do to myself.  Well, here goes to one step in front of the other…


A love/hate word.

There are just so many things I wish I could change with a snap of my fingers… know…all the problems that you want to kick in the butt and kiss goodbye forever….never to set your eyes on again.  There are things I would love to slap  a ‘absolute truth’ label on, just so everyone around me would just jump aboard and never question my sanity.  But, then again, I guess people aren’t just boxes for me to check off on my take-over-the-world check-list. dang.

But let us not forget the lingering  fears or apprehensions when it comes to the littlest bit of change –like the upcoming turn on a roller coaster ride that takes you to the unknown abyss–hmmmm, why does it have to be an abyss?  What if it’s a land flowing with milk and chocolate??  Which leads me to the rabbit trail of the love/hate relationship I have with adrenaline rushes as well.

There are a few constants though that keep the ebb and flow of life simple and full of pure loveliness…like color time.

or bath time therapy.

speaking of change–check out the recent crazy wonderful weather we’ve been having in WI–here are some pics from a recent January walk to our neighborhood park—a January walk to the park? say what?

can’t wait to see how she is gonna own this playground next summer.

the following pic melts this momma’s heart:

I’m glad we got one last park day in–because here comes a blast of change baby:

hello change.  this is the very next day–no joke.

daddy teaching snow angel making 101.

Cheers my friends to change–whether it tastes like warm hot cocoa topped with little and big marshmallows when you come in from shoveling, or the wicked cold sting of winter on your face—it is what it is.

and I love/hate it.

but I cannot deny– this snow really wasn’t hard to embrace…it was time for reality to show it’s face here in Wisconsin.  and sometimes reality is all you really need for the moment.

While typing this post, I’ve been listening in the background to a PBS special on the life of Ab Lincoln.  (yes, I’m a one of those dorky historical channel people)….and well, needless to say his life and his words have a way of pumping courage into your veins…courage to face change at it’s ugliest.  This man inspired a whole nation to birth a new perspective on how to view your fellow man…how to view true freedom.  He makes me want to stand with Simba, the Lion King, on that elevated rock and become a history maker in my own way.  (and no, I am not beating my chest..hehe..)   

Ab causes me to believe that if he could face cold, hard change in the face, and lead the way for millions to follow, that I can possibly find a way to effect change in the littlest of places in my own world.  In all my whinning and complaining, I do not have a nation on my shoulders to lead–which humbles me and helps me find perspective.  I have a family, I have friends, I have my neighborhood.  I’ll start there.

It’s all about just getting the wheels turning, whether you’re excited about their full rotation, or wincing at every forward motion…you’ve just got to get moving, and keep the wheels turning.



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