Catch-Up #1

Surprises.  Life is full of them.

These past three weeks have consisted of mountains and valleys of events that have left our hearts full, reflective and a bit disillusioned.  When it rains it pours…so they say.

I’ve been sitting on this post for gosh who knows how long–I’ve lost track….I’ve been staring at the pictures, staring at my words…wondering how to piece something so close to my heart together.

Goodness and sadness has been mixed together in a mogue- pogue of emotions that have filled my mind and heart with a thick fog.
I love my family.  Like a fierce momma bear loves and protects her young kind-of love.  No words can describe how deep those feelings lie within my gut.  My family has faced a tsunami wave of challenges and moments of pure love.

All to say…so much has happened…to the point that I feel overwhelmed and tired just thinking of all the catching-up I have to do. I have so much to say, so much on my heart to reflect on, so many pictures that tell so many stories.   So, instead of going crazy in mind and spirit–I’m going to break it up into smaller easy to swallow bites.

So here is my attempt to catch up–#1:

Baby Cuteness’ #1 Birthday Parties:

We started with a “friends” birthday party at a nearby park a week prior to her “official” birthday/dedication party…..will I ever plan 2 parties again so close together you ask?  no way.  That said…we love our friends–and we were so happy and excited to be with some of our favorite people to celebrate our little love’s life.

PB&J Ka-bobs you say?  Yes please.  They are ever so time-consuming–but ever so fun to eat.

and daddy’s famous popcorn…perfect balance of salt and butter.

I loved the time capsule idea from a friend–thanks to all who wrote to anna words of wisdom for her 13 year old eyes to see someday!

I’m not gonna lie–our friends are freakin awesome.

anna just drank it all in.  she’s the happiest when she is surrounded by people.

and now the fun part…da cake!!

baby girl kinda just poked at it in the same spot, placing small dainty pieces in her mouth–no face smashing or wide eye sugar rushes for her.  she soon got bored with it, and crawled off to play with the onlooking crowd surrounding her.

it was a lot of work, but it was oh so worth it.  A big Thank You to all who came out to celebrate Anna’s ‘entry into this world’ day with us–we love you all!!!!


Official birthday/Dedication Day:

an Epic day.  a day full of feelings of new beginnings and grand finales. Life and death mixed together in the time-line of life.   This day 1 year ago we embraced our new baby girl’s tiny body in our arms..and a year later we said goodbye to my mom’s father.  An amazing man who will be remembered by all who knew him as a dad/grandfather who loved his family, country and the Lord more then his life.

I swallowed down a lot of gulps of courage this day.  Gulps of parental promises to dedicate to the little life entrusted to us, and gulps of bittersweet goodbyes to the patriarch of our family.

anna is such a cake poker.

Uncle Bryan officiated the dedication–and he is one heartfelt guy–I couldn’t make it through tear-less.  It was beautiful…a moment that I will never forget.

I think family was the best invention ever created. period.

Our hearts are so thankful and hopeful for the future.

cause we are not alone.


here are a few photos from the military honor service that was held right after the funeral…it was tearfully moving.  The American flag was presented to the eldest brother, Uncle Maury.






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