Busy but Good

I am hoping that I can squeeze a post in tonight–let’s just see if I end up accomplishing it before my eyelids close…

So yeah.  I’ve been a bit busy.  As of late, I have been busy wiping the snot off my almost 11 month old baby girl’s face for the greater portion of my day.  Baby and sickness does not mix well– I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy.  Baby cuteness has been glued to my side, whining and whimpering, looking up at me with those big blue saucers, wondering why mommy can’t take this hurt away.  All I can offer her are my arms and a kleenex–so, there she sits…curled up weakly on my chest–spacing out the window.  I feel lucky if/when I can get away just to relieve myself—-this bug needs to go–for sanity sake.

So much work to be done–and only two arms were given to me by God–and they are currently being occupied by my sweet baby girl.….I guess sickness and raining days are a few of the ways the Almighty slows things down around you whether you like it or not.


Where’s the good you ask?  All my recent jobs have been oh so good.

Meet the Jones’…


and next, meet Will….he truly knew how to make my camera love him.


and lastly–sweet baby Troy:

my eyelids are shutting–so the last of my recent shoots will have to wait for another day…

oh, and if your busy–make sure it’s good.

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