Big Reflection

Most of us ponder our lives around the new year–and I have to admit that I am one of them.  I don’t dig too deep…but I do get a bit emotional and giddy about the start of a new year.  A fresh start.  Yes, it tastes like minty goodness to me.

I got to thinking this new year about how drastically life has changed for me since I layed eyes on this nice young man, who stole my heart about two years ago.

When I met him, the waterfall of events and love came pouring down all around me.  He wanted me to be his bride and keep me forever.  and I said yes to it all.

We had lots of fun together.  We like fun.  We like to share apples too.

I can still remember the slow days.  the days where everything stopped and we were just us….together, in love, and in our own little canoe.

do I miss the slow days?  you know, the days filled by our own agenda and the endless minutes soley belonging to us?  yes and no.  we will have these days back (i think!?)—but there will never again be the days and minutes we are living right now.

and this whole ‘mommy thing’ is shaping out to be more beautiful then I could ever imagine.

and I aim to be fierce at it.

We took down our tree today….tear, tear.  I agree with my hubs—it’s one of the saddest days of the year.

Christmas–the one bright star in the black abyss of winter.
(ok, this might be a bit dramatic–but it’s still just SO fresh)

Here are the two ornaments that represent my ‘big reflection’ as we head into the new year…so sad they are gonna be tucked away for 11 months. (haven’t gotten around to putting ‘us’ in the picture wreath yet)

and Anna’s new little Christmas bear has to go in it’s box until next year.  Grandma added a little something special  to the bear’s paw to prove ownership– just like Woody’s foot spelled ‘Andy’ in Toy Story.

I started to clean out anna’s closets and drawers (since this girl is growing like a weed), and came across this onesie that caught my eye.  It’s not suppose to fit her anymore (as you will be able to tell by it’s ‘low cut’ appearance)–but I squeezed her in it since she never had a chance to wear it before it got too small–what a shame.


oh, and all the teeny, tiny newborn clothes just broke my heart.  I had to put her in her butterfly newborn nightgown just one more time…..

one more goodbye–I promise.

The snuggly.  oh–sigh.  no more caterpillar cuteness.

(she busted right out of it in less then 30 seconds!)

Reflecting is good.  Remembering is important.  But I can’t stay in the same place, just like Anna can’t stay in the same size forever.

We’re moving on.  2011 here we come!

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