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Catch-up Octoberness

In an attempt to catch up after Selah’s birth, I’m gonna throw in some oldies every now and then (I look forward to filling in the holes over time).

sweet Anna “picking” leaves to take inside to hang in our window.


we’ve been doing a lot of nothing…which has been lovely…staying more at ‘home base’ these days.  Figuring out the new currents of life with two.


check out little miss’ pony–her hair is getting crazier and crazier these days, and mamma has been trying her best to tame it.


and check out these brown beauties…I swear they could melt a snowman.


my little chickens….sigh


happy weekend friends.


Party like a 2 year old

I’m so excited to post these photos, I know it is only 6 months late, but I do what I can. It was a crazy day, a hectic day, but a good day. check out Anna’s crazy awesome cake—thanks Kate, you truly are a master-cake maker. This three tired cake truly was a dream comeContinue Reading