All my bags are packed….

I’m ready to go….

oh, yes….everything is in place.  All boxes checked and re-checked.  We are so ready for go-mode.

I have to admit that I did reach a pretty high level of spazzing out to get to go-mode–but now that I’m here–it is quite pleasant.


I’m sitting in my quiet living room, with my not-too-fat-of-ankles perched up on my cozy ottoman, feeling a deep sense of happiness and reflection coming on….my little Anna Lynn is still napping, so I’m gonna try to squeeze this last post out before I will be on my way to the hospital to squeeze something else out soon.  No, I’m not in real labor yet, but I know this fleeting moment of quiet and relaxation is about to be trading in for a whole new set of emotions.

so let me indulge.

We’ve been having some pretty nifty (nifty–I like that word, I feel the need to resurrect it and use it more often I think) days lately.  This week we have been gifted a mixture of rain and sun…a pretty nifty combination if you’d ask me.

see, I told you I’m ready–nails are fancy and feet have been massaged properly.  go-mode baby.

Anna and I took advantage of both types of skies, and drank in the outdoors whenever we could.

her new playhouse–thanks to good ole’ Craigslist

I have been treasuring these last days with her with all the bittersweet emotions my heart can contain….I’m so thrilled she will be gaining a sister….but I know I’m gonna miss this too.

she seems to be changing so fast lately….new words added to her vocabulary everyday, new mannerism being developed, and she is forming her own sense of ‘particulars’ (shall we call it).

She is totally head-over-heels in love with Pooh right now–she was introduced to him at Grandma’s, and now she is smitten.

and have I ever mentioned her obsession with bubbles?  The art of blowing them and chasing after them can entertain her for hours.

she’s so much fun.

and I know that she is gonna take that ‘big sister’ role and rock it out.

We are excited about this new threshold we are crossing over together as a family….but I must say…I cannot help but turn around before stepping through the door, to take a deep breath, shed a tear or two, and truly feel the gratefulness in my heart for these past 21 months of alone time with my first baby….after all, she made me a momma.

daddy and baby cuteness enjoy many moments of laughter and fun curled up reading books on his new IPAD together.  I love walking in on them during their cuddle times.

Tomorrow is the big ‘due date’…we’ll see what time tells.  If she is anything like her big sister (punctual that is), I had better sleep on some towels tonight.

I’ll be back here just as soon as I can with some of the best news a mother’s heart can convey…in word and picture.

Happy weekend everyone!


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