Hello world…this is our world:  The Reale World.

Our name is actually pronounced Re-Al-Lee–but everyone mispronounces it as Real–so I thought I’d be cute and copy the T.V. show.

Why start a blog?  Everyone’s doing it…so I’m jumping off the cliff with the rest of ya!  I started taking pictures of everything as soon as I got my first camera….and all those pictures just  sat on files on my computer.  It just didn’t seem right.  I wanted to share the raw, real, & beautiful life that is captured on my memory card and on my heart–and a blog seemed the right medium to channel the creative energy I have bustin’ to get out.  So, hopefully you feel the love when you come to visit & share in our little world within this great big world…

My husband and I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and have been given the greatest gift ever: our little sweet pea, Hosanna Lynn.  And so the scary–yet completely satisfying journey of motherhood has begun.  Feeling my way through one day at a time.  I love surprises–and she was the best surprise ever.

A bit about me:
I have a childhood fantasy to one day go to Alaska.
I love dark chocolate.
Coffee and I are best friends.
I’m horrible at remembering birthdays.
Numbers don’t stick in my head.
I sometimes swallow down my vitamins with coffee in the morning.
I love watching the Discovery channel & Food Network.
I love to travel.
I love to decorate anything.
I love to get my hands dirty in crafts and dirt.
Homemade stuff is awesome.
I love coffee shop chats with my girlfriends.
I eat ice cream in a mug.
I have a huge list of ‘things’ I want to try or learn…oh boy.
I like to leave price tags on things.
I love loud laughs.

I have always loved photography as a hobby–but now it has become my new life’s venture-  Check me out:  rebeccarealephotography.com